Scandal Martyr

Hello! I’m about to engage in a wholly unwise business of Blackmailing the Duchess whilst in my path to solve the mystery of the University’s Murder. In anticipation of her chilly reception, I’d like to cash in on her favors. My research indicated that the only way to spend them is in the Tomb Colony, asking for her kindness in ameliorating my scandalized name.

This, then, is an invitation to all interested parties to use me,, as your ‘unwitting’ dupe.

Confession of causes of the scandalized allegations unneeded, but appreciated.

So, you’re attempting to raise your scandal so you can use your connections to lower your scandal? Do you have other business in the Tomb-Colonies? Otherwise this seems like a very long circle to put you right back where you started.

It is purely out of goodwill to dear Londoners, of course! There are no agenda like currying favors with the Tomb Colonists at all.
edited by Aodyssey on 3/30/2017

Well, there’s always that. Do enjoy the dustwine. ;)