Saving "Making Waves"

I have, after a lot of grinding and card-flipping, finally managed to take a certain option for the Salon. I was not disappointed; the results are interesting and arguably worthwhile. However, most of the reward was in the form of Making Waves. A lot of Making Waves. As in, I went from the single digits to the mid-60s.

Hence, my question to the esteemed ladies and gentlepersons of the Failbetter Community: Is there something I could meaningfully spend this fame on, with Time the Healer breathing down my neck? The amount of fame I have gathered is more than three times what I would need for a Notability upgrade, and I would rather not see the excess amount go to waste. I could try to convert it all to Nights on the Town, but one Night consumes somewhere around three fifths of a point of Making Waves; this is going to be rather expensive, therefore. Is there another option, or shall I be doing this for the rest of the week?

Other than nights on the town (in bazaar sidestreets, and unless you already have large greatpiles of the other ingredients you are not in luck)? None come to mind.

Ah well; Nights on the Town it is. I have a few echoes stockpiled, so I should be able to burn through some points before Time arrives. Thank you!

Mid-60s: wow. I assume that you’re talking about the Princess, whose existence as an option is not per se fate-locked; I’m building up for her now. But for context, when I went from Notability 14 to 15, the current cap, I only needed MW I think 43.

(I tried to respond before, but the forums seems to have eaten it. Let’s try that again.)

The princess, indeed. The option probably isn’t cost-effective at all, if even going to Notability 15 doesn’t require that much Making Waves, but one does learn an interesting thing about the… plans of the Admirality. And meeting the Princess is always nice, of course. She’s a marvellous specimen. Just marvellous. An example to all of us.

From what I see, 14-to-15 should need 76 MW without any BDR, and 50 with the highest BDR that I can find (26).

My BDR is 27, for additional context. I definitely didn’t need 50+ MW, but it’s conceiveable that it could have been anywhere in the 40s.

Ah right. We now have +1 from a tattoo too. So 49 MW needed to get notability 15.