Save bug?

I’m seeing a weird save bug. Here’s what I’m seeing:[li]

  1. In port, I hit Save Game.
  2. It shows my name in the save name editbox (Hestia MacAllister).
  3. I hit the Save button and the editbox changes to say &quotshadowedstranger&quot.
  4. I click on the &quothestiamacallister&quot entry and hit the Save button again. The editbox changes to say &quottentacula&quot (a previous captain)(and the one that’s right after shadowedstranger in the list).
  5. Repeat again and again until I’m crying and begging for Salt to take me.

If I click on the &quothestiamacallister&quot save and then drag the scroll thingy on the right of the dialog and then hit OK, then it works. It seems like scrolling through the list is the only thing that makes it work.

Is anyone else seeing this or have I been scarfing too many Rubbery Lumps?

Hi there - you need to scroll down to the bottom of the list. The bug is that the mouse is still detecting the values of the save list underneath the ‘save’ button - so if you scroll down to the bottom, there will be nothing underneath it, and you can save to your heart’s content!

I find this helpful:

Just make sure you mark very clearly which save you DON’T want to delete

N156 (may I call you N?): Yeah, that thread helped me find the save files to check the timestamps on them and make sure that it really wasn’t saving.

Thanks for the advice, I wondered why different games were being loaded. The scroll tip was just what I needed as I don’t have any saved games I want to delete.