Salt Weasel

[color=rgb(0, 153, 255)]Is there a level cap on the “A Flash of White” opp card? Because I have been camping Ladybones for a few months now & still haven’t seen it.

I can’t say, alas, because I’ve never seen it in all my time in Ladybones either. I believe that card is simply super-ultra-rare, if it still appears at all. That said, happy to be proven wrong!

Is it really unique to Ladybones? One wiki says it is, but another says it can be found anywhere.

By the way, on a similar topic, has anyone had luck with finding a Haunted-looking Dog? I am much more interested in that, since it’s rather unique (only +3 Watchful pet in the game). It seems like it can appear anywhere, though, so I guess I’ll just wait for it to show up…

I found my Haunted Dog in Veilgarden, but that’s all I can offer - I don’t think there were any special requirements.

I’ve seen one or two other Haunted-Looking Dogs… one or two Salt Weasels… and one single Rubbery Euphonium, which I hadn’t even heard of. Fallen London still has it secrets…

I have a haunted-looking dog, I don’t remember where I found it. I DO remember WHEN I found it, though - within the first day or two after new content is released, new opp cards are always far, far more frequent. I don’t know of anybody who’s found the salt-weasel, haunted-looking dog, or rubbery euphonium after that initial period was up.

I’ve never seen any of those! Glad to know there are still things yet to find.

A Rubbery Euphonium? o_O Even the wiki doesn’t mention that one!

Wow. I have never seen either the Salt Weasel or the Haunted-Looking Dog. I’d come to the conclusion they were part of Fate-locked content I had not purchased.

Whoa. Google only shows four results, one of which is someone’s mantle.