Salon and Parthenaeum

I have a small problem. I would like to open a literary salon in my handsome townhouse, but it seems like this is only possible for members of the Stags. Although they seem to be quite amusing company, I believe that anything other than the Parthenaeum would be unsuitable as a final goal. Would it be possible to join the Stags, open a Salon, and then leave the Stags again so I can join the Parthenaeum, or would I be required to close my salon?

If that is the requirement, it’s changed since I opened my own Salon - at the time, the only requirement was membership of either club, and so I joined the Parthenaeum. In any case, the “Leave your club” storylet doesn’t mention losing your Salon or any other Affiliation, so I don’t think it would have an impact.

Thank you. Perhaps I didn’t read the card well, I’ll have to wait until I get it again to check.