Sacrificing a Noman

Has anyone tried sacrificing a Noman instead of yourself when you die? It doesn’t look as if anyone has ever echoed this.

If so, do you remember if the &quotNoman’s End&quot story triggers? Or does that story only trigger if Noman’s Friend reaches 0 without Noman also being set to 0 at the same time? I’m trying to figure out if there’s profit in massacring Nomen.

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I thought it works like the horsehead amulet and removes your noman companion item as well as your noman’s friend. You see, Noman’s End only fires if you have both the noman companion -and- 0x noman’s friend. If true, death would prevent you from triggering the rewards because you wouldn’t have the companion item anymore if that makes sense.
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Yeah, that’s what I figured – the wiki says that Noman’s End autofires at Noman’s Friend 0, but I imagine it does have the other requirement you mention – you need 1 Noman. Well. I may just have to kill Nomen the long way.