Sacrifices to the Boatman

Are those options meant to use up all of your Lucky Weasels or Sulky Bats in one go?
I bought fifty lucky weasels in the bazaar in preparation for a planned death, only to find them all used up in one action, and only a pitiful few CP of wounds reduction. (Which is quite honestly terrifying in retrospect, as if one were sacrificing a sheep to a god and suddenly a hand reached down from the sky and swallowed your entire flock AND mercilessly ignored your prayers.)

Also, on a related note, how high can you raise your wounds and at any point are you able to gain more information/step upon the far shore?
edited by Hypersomnus on 7/4/2015

All meances are uncapped.

Progress as the Boatman’s Opponent to gain some intriguing snippets at the very end.

Yeah, I’ve made that mistake before. I had over 100 weasels, and he took them all. Then I went back and re-read the prompt, and it does say &quotSurrender any Lucky Weasels you’re carrying&quot. I’d read it as more of a &quotpick a random weasel and hand it over&quot instead of &quotcomb through all of your belongings to make sure you’ve given him any weasely creature you are carrying.&quot It would be nice if it was phrased in a slightly more straight forward manner since the consequences can be significant, but that its not wrong…