Sacksmas Power Leveling: Card Sending List 1893

Thank you, NIteBrite!

Game Name: Malthaussen
Stats: Any, in order Shadowy>Dangerous>Watchful>Persuasive
Time the Healer: Tuesday, ~1500 Zulu (Time Zone: Zulu -5)
Best Trading Time: Any day, ~1300 to 0200 Zulu

– Mal

Thank you, NiteBrite!

Game Name: Michile
Stats: Any except Persuasive
Payday: Thursday, 2200 Zulu; Time Zone Zulu -5
Best Trading Time: Any day, 1300 to 0300 Zulu
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Name: Suinicide
Stats: Watchful
Time the Healer: Late Monday
Best Trading time: Any

I’d like to volunteer to be a group leader, since I’m already stat capped. And thanks for once again stepping in as unofficial Organizer of All Things, NiteBrite!

Game Name: Isa1187
Stats: None
Time the Healer: Tuesday, about 11pm EST
Best trading/reminder time: Any.

Great idea!
Name: Albedineity
Stats: Watchful
Time the Healer: Fridays, about 8 PM, GMT/UTC
Best trading time: Any

Ingame-name: Takuza (link below)
Stat Preference: currently Watchful and shadowy- will change if watchful caps.
TTH: sunday, not quite sure on the hour. around four pm, canada eastern time.
Best Trading Time: Any, though I may take a little to get back to you. Finals week, ya’know? I will not reply between 2:00 AM and 9:00 AM canada eastern no matter what, though. sleep is important.
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Game name: Adelaide_C
Stat Preference: Shadowy or Dangerous, but any welcome.
Time the Healer: Mondays around 2pm
Best time to trade: Weekdays, though any time is acceptable, I will get to them within a day or so.

[quote=Talkes]Looks useful.

Game name: Talkes
Stat pref: Watchful > Dangerous > Shadowy >>>> Persuasive
TtH: Monday morning, 7.00 - 9.00 UTC
Best trading time: any

As a sidenote, if you get 8 cards each week and you can send cards to everyone but yourself, wouldn’t it be better to group up in 9-s (though it does leave you with no cards for social use)?
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This is a good question and I am glad you asked because I didn’t really explain this aspect so well. There are a few good reasons for the grouping of 8 people (7 participants+ 1 leader) instead of 9.

Design Margin - Mistakes Happen
The engineer in me dislikes designing systems to operate -at capacity-, and always includes some form of design margin. This is because mistakes happen and the system needs to be able to compensate for them. It’s like a chain of christmas lights going out because one bulb burns out and then not having any spare bulbs. If we had groups of 9 then there is no margin for error. When someone inevitably sends a card to the wrong person or sends them the wrong card, there would be no way to correct for this error. Someone would get left out. With the groups of 8 everyone has a spare card. It’s like having a second chance. Additionally with that many spare cards in the pool, we can compensate for groups that have members drop out entirely.

Obligation and Freedom - Striking a Balance
Conceivably participants in this event may have friends outside of their grouping whom they would like to send cards. If I made it so they could only send within their own group that would be a bit unfair to make them choose between the group and their friends. The one card margin allows players to reach outside of their group and interact with other players. This might also be useful if someone finds they are frustrated with their group in that it gives them an out to vent and hopefully prevents them from getting trapped in a ‘locked-in’ situation for several weeks.

Cross-group communications
This thread will provide a list of a lot of player names looking to receive cards. If you have no one you specifically want to send your spare card to, and you don’t make any errors while sending to your group, then what you might consider is to use your spare card to contact someone in a different group. We’re making small pairings for efficiency, but let’s avoid becoming completely isolated. Say hello to your neighbors sometimes. There’s no structure or rules to how this last card is used, it’s totally within your freedom to do with it whatever you so desire. It may cause imbalances in the big picture, but ultimately I think that’s fine. Player preferences should be allowed to be expressed in minor ways rather than stiffly enforced total equality. A totally rigid system is more likely to snap than one with a bit of flexibility. At least that’s how I look at it.

And that was my basic reasoning for groups of 8 instead of 9. I hope this clears things up.

Edit: Oh, and it also leaves room to add people to groups if they come to this thread late/after its already started especially if there’s not enough late comers to form a full new group.
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That is a great idea!

Game name: Maythau
Stats: Dangerous and Shadowy
Time the Healer: Tuesday evening
Preferred trading time: any

[color=#c2c2c2]Sounds very civilized.[/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Game Name: mazgi1[/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Stats: Prefer Shadowy and Dangerous, but will accept any[/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Time the Healer: Sunday ~1630 EST (GMT ~2130)[/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Best Trading Time: Any![/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Thanks![/color]
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Game Name: Maleclypse,
Stat Preference: ANY
Personal Time the Healer date : Friday (9am CST)
Preferred card sending date (or ANY). Optional: I can fill in as a group leader but there are Starveling Cat’s that I fear would be more effective at it than I due to my newness to the Neath, however for Queen and Country I am available if called.

Game name: Aertew
Stat preference: Dangerous, Shadowy and Persuasive.
Time the healer Date: Around 9 pm Wedesday standard time
Preferred card sending date: Weekend, but any time works.
Thanks NiteBrite for organizing this!
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Oh, suggestion. Perhaps group leaders should get Time the Healer 1 day before the rest of their grouplings, that way they can send their cards off as a reminder.

Good idea!

– Mal

Stat preference: ANY
Time, the Healer: Wednesday
Preferred card sending date: ANY

I would like to participate in this.
game name: suhe gul
stat preference: dangerous only (all others are maxed out)
Time the healer: sunday around 11pm GMT
prefered card sending date: any
link to my profile is in my signature. I can be group leader but if there aren’t enough group leaders.

Game name: Libris Dedita
Stat preference: Shadowy
TtH: very late Tuesday/very early Wednesday
Sending time: any

Game name: ICountFrom0
Stat Preference: Watchful, Dangerous, Shadowy
Time the Healer: (6 days ago) Memory fades; pain departs; rewards arrive!
Best trading time: EST evenings, no strict pref.
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Game Name: Michael7050
Stat Preference: Any
Time the Healer: 1 am Sunday (NZT) (-12GMT?)
Best trading time: Any.

Game Name: yang573
Stat Preference: Dangerous
Time the Healer: Saturday 11:30pm - Sunday 12:30am
Best Trading Time: weekdays after 4:30pm, weekends all day