Sacksmas Power Leveling: Card Sending List 1893

[b]Notice: Because cards are now limited to 7 instead of 8, we will end a week early to give people a by-week to send cards to people outside of their group if desired.

With the first snowfall of December, Time the Healer (TTH) brings us neathy citizens a special gift known as ‘A Potential Christmas Card’. Each week players will receive 7 Potential Cards which they can send to other players no matter where they are in Fallen London. This post aims to help players pair up into groups of 6 and a group leader so that they can optimize sending cards to one another.

What are ‘A Potential Christmas Card’ items used for?
When a player accepts the card social action they receive a random amount of stats gain, between 10 and 70 cp (70 cp being a full level of stats). The player will also receive a +5 uncapped second chances of the same type as the stat increased. The second chances can either be saved up, or used immediately for an additional 1 to 50 cp (average ~25 cp or 1/3 of a level). In other words, these cards are extremely buff power leveling devices. Further, they reduce their stat associated menace by -1 cp. So they have healing properties as well.

Isn’t the stat a card boosts random? I can only see the option to send a card for [x] stat.
Which card you can send depends on the value of a randomizer quality you have known as ‘The Airs of London’. This quality ranges from 0 to 100. Every 25 levels of ‘The Airs of London’ unlocks a different stat specific card that you can send.

How can I see the value of my ‘Airs of London’ quality without having to return to check which card is in my lodgings currently?

If you put your ‘Airs of London’ quality on your profile mantelpiece it will display the current value of the quality in a bubble on the quality image on your profile. It can be tricky to find the Airs of London quality if you don’t know what it looks like, so I have placed my Airs on my (NiteBrite) profile to help show what it looks like. If you refresh your profile after an airs change you can see the value update without having to return to your lodgings every time.

What are the air values needed for specific stats?

Here is a list of which stats are unlocked by each level of airs:

[ul][li]1-25 Dangerous: The Painted Mog card
[/li][li]25-50 Watchful: The Fogscape with Tentacles card[/li][li]51-75 Persuasive: The Beguiling Predatory Vegetable card[/li][li]76-100 Shadowy: The Suspicious Sort card
[/li][/ul]Note, in the past, the card name for the suspicious sort was displayed incorrectly as a different card on the story branch so it is important to check the Airs of London to make sure you are sending the correct card.

How do I change my ‘Airs of London’ quality to get the value I want?
Anyone can use the Veilgarden storylet ‘Honey Dens of Veilgarden’ to change their airs by playing its sub-menu storylet ‘Supply wine in exchange for Prisoner’s Honey’. This will change your ‘Airs of London’ quality to a random value between 0 and 100. Check your Airs value on your profile page after each randomization until you get a value that falls in the desired range listed above. Alternatives for Non-PoSI players: Work for the Widow in Spite, Prepare for a Black Ribbon duel in the Docks, Opportunism in Spite.

If you are a PoSI, you can also use any ‘Unfinished Business’ storylet instead and it will change your airs to a random value. This is good for grinding items while also changing airs.

General Participants

If you are interested in sending and receiving cards for the purposes of power leveling, please sign up below by posting your basic contact information. Basic information required is your in game name, which card or stat you prefer to receive, what day of the week your personal time the healer arrives (if known), and what day of the week you plan to send out cards. As players sign up below we will pair-off into groups of 6 loosely based on when TTH comes for you. Each group of 6 will then be chosen by a group leader or community organizer. You will be responsible to send out the correct cards to each member of your group. Check back here to see which cards your fellow members desire or ask your group leader for assistance if you forget or can’t find the information.

Group Leader
If you would like to volunteer to be a group leader please state so below when you post your basic information and note which day you would like to send out reminders to your group once assigned. A group leader must be able to answer questions about how to cycle the ‘Airs of London’ quality and have a basic grasp of how to trouble shoot social actions in Fallen London. Your role as group leader is to send out a weekly reminder to your group in the form of Cards (or other notable social actions which must be accepted such as chess or coffee) and to answer any event related questions that a player in your group may send you via in game messaging or on the forums. You will also need to remember which stats your group members would like to boost and the airs value ranges listed above. Help your teammates as best you can.

Sign-up Format
In Game Name, Stat Preference (or ANY), Personal Time the Healer date (if known), Preferred card sending date (or ANY). Optional: Volunteer to be a group leader.

A link to your profile is also handy to provide for the purposes of convenience.

A potentially useful spreadsheet tool
Thanks to Mr Underhill for creating this template spreadsheet: Click Here
Group leaders, it may be useful to make your own copy of this spreadsheet (File > Make a copy) and share it with your group (File > Share > Advance > Anyone with the link can edit). This is optional, but it seems potentially helpful so I thought I’d share it here.

Group List
Confirmed Leaders

[ul][li]Lady Taimi Felix[/li][li]A falling kitten[/li][li]Isa1187[/li][li]Malthaussen[/li][li]Hiram McDaniels[/li][/ul]Wednesday

[ul][li]Kaigen[/li][li]Ally Mooney (an alt)[/li][/ul]Thursday


[ul][li]Loogan Cuthoat (an alt)[/li][/ul]Sunday


[ul][li]Viti - Lady Taimi Felix[/li][li]Talkes - suhe gul[/li][li]Parelle - suhe gul[/li][li]Suinicide - suhe gul[/li][li]Adelaide_C - suhe gul[/li][li]ICountFrom0 - suhe gul[/li][li]Sephiroth2727 - Malthaussen[/li][li]Ganjalf91 - Hiram McDaniels
[/li][li]Cyrawir - A falling kitten[/li][li]hailmaleficent - Hiram McDaniels[/li][li]roseasromeo - Hiram McDaniels[/li][li]TeslaWalker - Malthaussen[/li][li]Soralin - Ally Mooney[/li][li]lethifer

[ul][li]Henrique Brito - A falling kitten[/li][li]Fei Xue - A falling kitten[/li][li]Vel Farre - A falling kitten[/li][li]Maythau - A falling kitten[/li][li]Alessandria - A falling kitten[/li][li]Dom Scorp - Lady Taimi Felix[/li][li]Maxwell Q Tenebris - Malthaussen[/li][li]vswest - Malthaussen[/li][li]CaireneTyrell - Ally Mooney[/li][li]Troper - Hiram McDaniels[/li][li]Urthdigger - Hiram McDaniels[/li][li]Miss Nix - Hiram McDaniels
[/li][li]DragonRidingSorceress - Ally Mooney[/li][li]Antigone Walmsley[/li][li]Lumyire - Ally Mooney[/li][li]Ada Sable[/li][li]Faey[/li][/ul]Wednesday- Lady Taimi Felix

[ul][li]LawrenceKeyworth - A falling kitten[/li][li]Aertew - Kaigen
[/li][li]Cimanyd - 8[/li][li]Libris Dedita - 8[/li][li]Nathaniel Sterben - Kaigen[/li][li]Optimatum - Kaigen[/li][li]Sir Jon Halewood - Malthaussen[/li][li]Tsyld - Hiram McDaniels[/li][li]jhodder - Dedivax[/li][li]Delphia Wetherall - Dedivax[/li][li]Krawald - Dedivax[/li][li]Varese - Ally Mooney[/li][li]Atticus Schmidt[/li][li]Maxwell Hay[/li][li]Smyboy1

[ul][li]Michile - Kaigen[/li][li]Xoricco - 8[/li][li]Moreali (an alt)[/li][li]Zhorgren[/li][li]Reagan James[/li][li]Ludovico Santiago[/li][/ul]Friday

[ul][li]kingcarrot - 8[/li][li]Sestina Valdis - Kaigen[/li][li]Marina Beauvais - Kaigen[/li][li]Albedineity - Kaigen[/li][li]the truthseeker - 8[/li][li]Briella - Isa1187
[/li][li]KestrelGirl - 8[/li][li]Professor Travers Durward - Isa1187[/li][li]Maleclypse - Lady Taimi Felix[/li][li]Suheyla (an alt) - Loogan Cuthoat[/li][li]Aria Anderson - Dedivax[/li][li]The Duke of Waltham - Dedivax[/li][li]Magmionify - Loogan Cuthoat[/li][li]Rowena Quigley[/li][/ul]Saturday

[ul][li]Kivrin Neverwinter - 8[/li][li]Charlotte de Witte - Isa1187[/li][li]yang573 - Isa1187[/li][li]Speethling - Malthaussen
[/li][li]Steamwork - Dedivax[/li][li]HimmelFallen - Malthaussen[/li][li]Raaret - Loogan Cuthoat

[ul][li]th8827 - Isa1187[/li][li]Eddy Gale - Isa1187[/li][li]John Savage - Isa1187[/li][li]Takuza - Lady Taimi Felix[/li][li]mazgi1 - Lady Taimi Felix[/li][li]Michael7050 - Lady Taimi Felix[/li][li]NotAWalrus - suhe gul
[/li][li]Unlogic - suhe gul[/li][li]Det - Lady Taimi Felix[/li][li]Dante Kinkade - Loogan Cuthoat[/li][li]Dealysis - Loogan Cuthoat[/li][li]Audnance[/li][/ul]
edited by NiteBrite on 12/2/2015

Game name: th8827
Stat Preference: Anything (My Shadowy is lowest, but anything is good)
Time the Healer: Sunday, noon-ish PST
Best time to trade: Weekends all day, Monday to Thursday after 9 PM PST, or Friday after 3 pm PST
edited by th8827 on 12/13/2015

This is a fantastic idea, NiteBrite, thank you!

Kivrin Neverwinter, any stats EXCEPT DANGEROUS, TtH is on Saturdays around 1:30pm (Timezone UTC+09:00).

Game name: Viti
Stat Preference: Shadowy or Watchful.
Time the Healer: Very Early Monday/Very Late Sunday
Best time to trade: any really


Game name: LawrenceKeyworth
Start preference: Watchful
Time the Healer: Wednesday 6:30-7:30PM
Best time to trade: basically any.

Profile link in my signature. Thanks, once again, Nitebrite!

Seems very professional.

Game name: kingcarrot
Stat pref: any
TtH: Friday, unknown time.
Best trading time: any time really.

Looks useful.

Game name: Talkes
Stat pref: Watchful > Dangerous > Shadowy >>>> Persuasive
TtH: Monday morning, 7.00 - 9.00 UTC
Best trading time: any

As a sidenote, if you get 8 cards each week and you can send cards to everyone but yourself, wouldn’t it be better to group up in 9-s (though it does leave you with no cards for social use)?
edited by Talkes on 11/24/2015
edited by Talkes on 11/24/2015

Ah! The drill sergeant in me does so appreciate this level of organisation. You’re a peach, NiteBrite!

I would like to volunteer myself as a group leader. Being totally stat-capped and already in possession of more second chances than I can use, I really don’t need any cards myself, but I’d be glad to marshal newer players into sharing their holiday cards.

Game name: Lady Taimi Felix
Stat Preference: None.
TtH: Tuesday nights (GMT -5)
Best trading/reminder time: Any.

Nice! I’m in dire need of dangerous experience.

Game name: Henrique Brito
Stat Preference: Dangerous
TtH: Around the first hours of Tuesday GMT
Best trading time: Any

Thank-you NiteBrite!

Game name: Charlotte de Witte
Stat Preference: Watchful would be most helpful. But all and any are great!
TtH: Saturday 08.00 UTC + 0.00
Best trading time: Any date -a GMT/CET timezone group is best for me (not always so reliable at mornings :: )
edited by Charlotte_de_Witte on 12/1/2015

Thanks, Nitebrite!

Game name: Sestina Valdis
Stat Preference: Pref. Shadowy. No Persuasive, please.
Time the Healer: Friday: morning/afternoon, GMT
Best time to trade: Any

Game name: Fei Xue
Stat Preference: Any
Time the Healer: Monday late evening, Tues early morning; GMT
Best time to trade: Any
edited by Sestina Valdis on 11/24/2015

I’m in!

Game name: Eddy Gale (link’s in my signature)
Start preference: Anything but Shadowy - that’s maxed out.
Time the Healer: Sunday, some time around 6am EST
Best time to trade: Any, but there might be a slight delay during working hours EST Monday-Friday.

Game name: Parelle
Stat Preference: Watchful, but anything but Persausive.
Time the Healer: Monday, 6AM EST
Best time to send cards: most mornings. Not in the evenings.

Game name: A falling kitten
Stat preference: Any
Time the Healer: Tuesday 8am GMT+11
Best trading time: Any

I would like to volunteer to be a group leader.
edited by fallingkitten on 11/24/2015

Very handy, much thanks given.

Game Name: Vel Farre
Stat preference: Shadowy, but no Dangerous or Perrsuasive.
Time the Healer: Tuesday 6am EST
Best trading time: Any day, late night to early morning.
edited by Vel Farre on 11/24/2015

Game name: 8
Stat Preference: Any (EXCEPT shadowy)
Time the Healer: Thursday - 5am GMT+11 (Wednesday 6pm GMT+0)
Best trading time: Thursday (or ANY).
Volunteer: Yes, I would also like to volunteer to be a group leader.

Side note: It’s possible to tell what card you can send by the art displayed when sending it OR looking at the text the recipiant recieves when sending the social invite, seen here

in the smack middle of the screenshot.
edited by Cecil on 7/7/2077

I almost feel sad all my stats are capped!

Name: Marina Beauvais
Stats: Will accept anything, but hopefully I get some Dangerous and Shadowy.

I would also like to volunteer to be a group leader.

Game Name: Kaigen
Stat Preference: None
Time the Healer: ~05:00 AM UTC on Wednesdays
Best Trading Time: ANY

Profile link:

Game Name: John Savage
Stat Preference: Shadowy, but ANY will be accepted
Time the Healer: Sunday, 0900 Romeo (UTC-5)
Best Trading Time: Any