Rubbery Murders?!

  1. Did anyone else complete the Rubbery Murders story? I’d like to compare notes, and find out what happened for the alternate endings. 38)

I’ve finished it. Though, you’re not a troll, take off those horns.

  1. haha. it’s not supposed to be a troll but a squidface/octoface, and read right to left. 38)

so who did you choose for the murderer? and what was the outcome? do they ever tell you if you guessed correctly?


I can’t discuss fate-locked content in public, I’ll send a PM

Sorry for reviving an old thread. I am about to finish the Rubbery Murders, and am wondering who other people thought “dunnit”. I know who I’m going to choose - and will go do that after posting this - but I’d like to know what others thought.

Could anyone out there PM me?

Necro’ing for the same reason. I see that I picked exactly the same options as the good lady DRS - alas, as checking her Echoes left me vindicated but no further informed. Would welcome PMs from others who have completed this.

[For others considering the Nex expenditure: I would probably not choose this ahead of any other option. Feels like quite early/old FBG writing, and the lack of feedback as to whether one’s choice is canonically correct is a little disturbing - if I have committed a miscarriage of justice, I would welcome the chance to fix it, for example.]

I’ve somehow managed to lose the train of the this storylet. I’m currently stuck at Investigating 9. Could someone please pm me with where I need to go next or whether I should just wait for a card.

Necroing as well, figured I’d give it a try and curious what the different outcomes are. I know Mr Fortunes, what about the other 2?

necro of doom!
actually just played this and I’d like to see what the other options would have gotten me. (if anyone is interested, my choices are in my echoes just now.)

All endings give pretty much the same thing, sadly.

Since this thread is back I should ask here: are there any relevant clues that point to the real culprit? It seems that, until the final decision, nothing is really certain.
Or should I go an read my Echoes from it? Probably I missed something important!

There indeed are clues. Look at the type of poison used and what objects the suspects have.