Rubbery Men: What are they good for?

My &quotconnected:Rubbery Men&quot is even lower than to Masters but seems tp be about as useful. Or am I missing rubbery worlds of wonders by ignoring the squidfaced Gentle…fish…men…pod…folks?

Conflicts cards with Constables, Revolutionaries and Tomb-Colonists, trading for Amber, and getting a Boneless Consort. I think that’s all it’s used for.

Well, they give a reliale source of warm amber, but they’re mostly good for the conflict- to build up revolutionaries or constables at their expense. unfotunately, they add enough cards that you generally don’t actually want to be connected with them.

They taste pretty great when fried, or in a stew.


Thanks, that explains the lack of my experience. In midgame I’m focussed on certain groups, but not revolutionaries or constables very much. Tomb-colonists seem a bit more useful, but not really if compared to let’s say criminals, society or docks. I’m wondering if there will be more content for those neglected factions in the future, I see a lot of possibilities. For now it seems enough for my story if I can enjoy them with cocktail sauce on sauteed Belgian Julienne Potato and cream Kohlrabi. Hm, feeling quite peckish now.

Judging by the factions that have been converted to the Favours/Renown system thus far, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rubbery Men got some kind of useful cash in once they join the new system. At any rate, it seems likely that conflict cards cluttering up your deck will be less of an issue.

I would just love to see all factions balanced, so more choices are up to you and your story, who you favour, not mere calculations. For example receiving certain boxes of equipment through a connected faction just makes sense economically,(and lore wise, too) compared to other options. But wouldn’t it be great, if you were able to get them from whoever fits your background? Let’s say, trade them with Urchins or inherit them from Society, or fundraise them at a social event. Of course there must be perks and flaws for each one of them, but i feel some are just not worth the effort, while others are almost mandatory sooner or later.

Also, I realize all of the above would be considered horribly racist in any way i can think of, if said about anyone but squid…Am I an Anti-squidite? Maybe they DO have a purpose after all.

More of an issue in some ways, though yes, less in others.

I can’t quite recall, but I believe you need some amount of it to get to Flute Street (fate-locked), and I believe it can help a little once you’re there.

I enjoy Flute Street, but it’s not the most lucrative place. If you want to get all the monster-breeding storylines, it’s required, but aside from that, it’s just fun content, albeit mostly just perplexing.

Flute Street is an excellent way of raising C: Rubbery Men but I don’t recall it needing any to do stuff.

I wonder what will happen to the connection payout once Rubbery changes to Favor/Renown. Maybe once per carousel?

I would expect it to increase renown, though perhaps with new caps or requirements.

Renown increase would be interesting, but it could also work like the current Mutton Island carousel’s access to Docks favours, albeit in a slightly more accessible fashion.

[color=#e53e00]The title of this thread made this song play in my skull.
This is no comment on the value of Rubbery Men, I adore them. But you earwormed me, so you get it right back.[/color]