Rubbery and Tomb colonist favours

I’m trying to get the &quotThe most singular friends&quot choice for becoming a PoSI. So I need favors rubbery men and favors tomb-colonists, what are some good ways to do this?

If you don’t have high renown already, visit the Sideshows at Mrs Plenty’s Carnival.

I already have 5 renown for both :(

Then you are going to have to wait for the connection card for the tomb colonists to get favours, if you have the tomb colonist connection pet you get another source of favours. these are the connection pets just in case you didn’t know what I meant.
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"To increase your Renown and favors with the Tomb Colonists you will have to buy a Book of the Dead. Otherwise if your just want favors there is a card that can give you one favor if choose that option. There is also a second card that dose that, but it requires the bandaged raven.

Basically, this is very slow though, so unless you really want to use that option im pretty sure there are better ways to become a POSI.

Thanks, I think I might want to do “A close circle of friends” instead, though I already bought the diary of the dead, and nodule of pulsating amber.