Rp'ing the NPC

So, just a small question; are there other people out there who like to RP or write for the npc’s?[li]
Like; for me it’d probably be the Affectionate Devil, or the Honey-Sipping/Master Jewel Thief to some extent, as well as my own character.
How does the forum feel about us rp’ing said NPC’s?
Any special quirks you give them?

I tend to imagine the Pirate Poet recites poetry in the vein of Natalie Diaz. See My Brother was an Aztec http://www.othervoicespoetry.org/vol31/diaz/brother.html for an example of the style I’m thinking of. I heard it read aloud once and it was haunting.

That’s really interesting![li]
I myself had to look the character up since I’m not too far into the game, but that does give a bit of feel for the character.
Do you have a name for said Pirate Poet?

It can get tricky with the companions since the game encourages you to pick out a name for them which can create a bit of an RP grey area. I call the one Katarina knows Rhime, a bit of a play on Rhyme and Rime (the hard ice that forms from freezing fog).

I have a head cannon where most of the NPC’s can be used intangibly. The only thing about them that is purely definite is their title.[li]

For instance; the Honey-Sipping-Jewel-Thief/Master-Jewel-Thief, can look or act basically any way the person RP'ing them decides. So long as they in essence stay the Thief with a penchant for honey.

I however; like to RP the thief as Cornelio Ricardo Gilberto Stephano Agani Fuelli Da Napoli (commonly called Collin). Collin's parents were both wealthy Italian traders who came to the Neath not long after he was born, and he was their only child before his mother died of a fungal infection (Even today he is sensitive about both, best not to mention it, unless he really trusts you). Out of grief, Collin's father shut himself into his work under the guise that it was to maintain he and his son's middle-upper-class lifestyle... Because of this; Collin has a hunger for attention, women (a dramatic young gentleman), and faces waking life with dread (and may possibly suffer from clinical depression). It's no wonder when his father died the business fell through, he turned to honey, and to a life of crime.

But anyone else's depiction of the Thief can be different- in fact; different people! He can look different from what he does on the card, and a have different back story (if a back story at all).I love the idea of side-characters to make the world of Fallen London more diverse, simply because there are so many possibilities that could happen!