?Route to Shuttered Palace?

Hello, delicious persons. I am rather new at this and hopeful someone will send me a msg w/a clue in it that I can actually decipher. I had a ‘Route to the Shuttered Palace’ somehow, and then I didn’t somehow. Can’t remember which card the Route came from but I see elsewhere that it was a natural occurrence when I reached a certain level of Persuasiveness. The ‘search’ function on this forum returns no links no matter how I use it. Please help. I have some cards which require a Route to the Shuttered Palace to be 1 and would like to use them.

Thank you in advance! Wynda Princesse

You can use the ‘Open a way to other parts of the City’ storylet at your Lodgings to gain a Route to Shuttered Palace. It cost a fair amount of Wines items (400 x Greyfields 1882 and 1000 x Greyfields 1879), but there you go…

If twas a card that sent you to the palace, you had what is often called a “Day trip” and when you leave, you don’t return so easily.

The longer unlock is, as said by the gentleman with the odd ornaments floating around him, a touch more expensive.