Romancing the Rising Artist

Hello, I recently unlocked the Shuttered Palace, and found I could romance the Rising Artist’s Model but not the Rising Artist himself. I checked the wikis, and from what they say I meet the requirements, I have the &quotAn Admirer of Art: A Gentle Critic&quot quality. Am I misunderstanding the wikis, is there some other requirement I may be missing?

You can’t do anything else with the artist other than be annoyed at his opportunity card at the moment.

[li]Now I’m confused, because I was able to romance him at the Shuttered Palace. True, nothing comes of it (it just resets once you succeed), but it was possible. However, eventually he disappeared and now it’s just Artist’s Model. Maybe you lose the opportunity once your stats get too high?

You can romance either one in the Shuttered Palace – but only one at a time (if you start one, the other option disappears, at least until you complete the one you’re romancing). You need to have finished the relationships with them Veilgarden in order to see them at the Shuttered Palace.

Here’s the weird thing, which is possibly an oversight – the Model appears as long as you have A Name Signed with a Flourish 4 or 5, which means you have to have access to the Shuttered Palace, but can’t have concluded a romance in the Empress’ Court yet. However, the Rising Artist storylet isn’t affected by a A Name Signed with a Flourish – it requires a Persuasive score between 66 and 76 in order to appear. This probably ought to be fixed, but if you can’t see it (and you romanced him in Veilgarden, and aren’t currently busy seducing the Rising Artist’s Model) your Persuasive score is probably why.

Thank you metasynthie! Turns out my lovely new dress pushed my Persuasive score too high to see him. It is a bit strange that he’s affected by the score and not the Model. Ah well, let the seduction commence.

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