"Roleplaying"/In-character in the normal gameplay?

Hi there!

I’m a new face in Fallen London, and I enjoy the game greatly, especially that you can tweak the character’s traits by the choices you make. This has made me very immersed in my two characters.

However, a thing that confuses me is that what is the, how to say, &quotin character&quot culture here, for example with social actions? Is it usual to send some kind of in-character/roleplaying-ish note with social act requests, or am I viewed as a creep if I do so? Since in my head I have pretty accurate impressions of my characters, it would be incredibly fun to so! But I kinda want to know how people usually do here.

I tried to read posts here to get some idea, and indeed here is some IC:ish action going on. However, I didn’t dare to be sure, since I’m not a native English speaker and I wasn’t sure if I have got the tones right.

Sooooo are in-platform &quotroleplaying&quot and Fallen London buddies?
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Totally! Lots of folks actively RP socially all the time; lots of others (myself included) don’t RP much themselves but enjoy getting fun little bits of story when others send them notes. We’ve got a thread floating around somewhere on the forums with our favourite RP messages we’ve received. So long as you abide by the usual considerations for social intercourse - be clear, considerate, polite, and all that good stuff - you should be just fine.

Thank you so much! So then I turn full RP mode on then with my sultry poet and my peppery sleuth. :)

Definitely. And I believe social actions are much more interesting if you spice them with a bit of RP and chatting about your story and goals down here in the Neath. For me, some of the best moments in this game have been chats over a cup of coffee, so you should not worry about this. And you definitely won’t come across as a creep (that is, unless you REALLY are creepy :) )

There is a link to my profile in my sig, if you wanna try. There is also a thread about people interested in social actions, so you can look there too.
Have fun!

Indeed, and there may be any amount of elaboration in the sort of In-character things you do with social actions. For example, my own character is a member of the Young Stags, a club known for it’s pranking. Well, three days before I was to lose access to the House of Chimes, I sent an invite to absolutely everyone on my contact list (150+ players!) to fulfill an elaborate scheme for setting all the clocks in London wrong! Still my all-time favorite moment in FL.

I personally don’t do anything RP-y much except maybe with close friends.

Though I do have a fairly distinct idea of what my characters would be like and generally make choices based on that. Except when it comes to choice of clubs because all of my characters would be rather appalled by both of them. >.<

(Seriously can we have a few more clubs?)

Thank you all! I also opened here an RP invitation thread ( http://community.failbettergames.com/topic9332-a-newbie-looks-for-ingame-rp-company.aspx ), where Rackenhammer already applied to. c: Not sure if that was the most sophisticated way, but wellll at least I have a place to inform about my lack of skills in Fancy English :'D