Roleplay Anyone?

Just curious if anybody wanted to do a little roleplay here on the forum! Anyone up for it?[li]

I’m game. Got a scenario in mind?

I’m afraid not. (I haven’t done that much RP in the past) You?

Pray tell my good sir!, what exactly would you have in mind? I would be most delighted to participate in such a deliciously ludicrous activity. In fact, it was the most pressing of reasons for my adherence to this “online congregation” of sorts.

I suppose we should start by describing who our characters are, so we know what sort’ve thing would bring them all together.[li]

Mine is named Zeel. Having lost his daughter on the surface, he came down to the Neath, burning with a desire for revenge. Originally when he came to the Neath, he was still a good person. He sought to help people, even had nightmares from those he was unable to save. However, slowly, he was corrupted by his surroundings. He adapted to his home, became like it, ruthless and manipulative. He’s not cruel if it does not serve his purposes, however in general humans hold less and less value in his eyes, besides the few he still cares for. He seeks the Name, partially out of a desire for knowledge but primarily to punish himself for not saving his daughter. His soul has been stained 7 times, and he knows it’s at the carnival, but he has left it there out of sheer disgust. He is an alcoholic, but as time in London has continued, he’s had less desire to numb any pain, embracing every scrap that finds him as well-deserved. He is also an extremely intelligent individual, his mind working at any incredibly fast rate. In fact, that’s where most of his skills come from. His skill in fighting is primarily down to fast reflexes and studied moves, rather than any natural ability. Even the books he has written while in the Empress’ Court are merely a reconstruction of what has appealed in the past, rather than any creative thought. His voice rarely shows what he’s actually thinking and his face is not much better. That, mixed in with his morals and interest in souls (both as a spirifer and a researcher) have led some of the common folk to wonder whether he is the child of a Devil himself. Zeel tries to become close with many factions in London, but only so he can use them to his advantage. Recently, he moved in a Sanctum at the Brass Embassy where he lives alone.

TL: DR: Good person topside, turned pretty evil since (but only selfishly), uses people, punishes himself for the loss of his daughter.

Sorry if that was a bit much, I’ve spent a fair amount of time developing him. You don’t have to write as much, I’m just interested so I know how they would ever meet.[/li][li]
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Alright, mine is known as the Devious Princess. A thief and assassin, she works hard to make sure not too much is known about her. There are rumours that she used to be an urchin, although she will fervently deny it when asked, insisting &quotAll you need to know when you’re in London is I am royalty.&quot Although she does seem to have many connections among them, and is quite young for someone as successful as herfself. She is determined to live life as happily as possible, and for her that means a lot of adventure and even more luxury. She helps other people quite often, but only if they seem interesting, as she’s &quotjust along for the ride.&quot She’s willing to do anything so long as there are no negative consequences for her.[li]
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Ah, seems like a jolly plan, and it will be much more of a pleasure to write lengthily on my character as well.

Alexxander R. Norton. Despite the highly aristocratic name, he’s of the penniless type, spending all his incomes lavishly on impulse buys which amass him a vast wealth of both knowledge and attire, but little to pay the bills. He is of the recent dandy type already born in the Neath, though he finds it extremely fashionable to tell people he left all sorts of unfinished business in the surface - lost loves, crushed foes, old enemies, brought up in a family of revolutionary academics which were fascinated by the Neath’s characteristics and its uses to return London to it’s original seating place as the glory of the Empire, and free it from the tyranny of the masters and the bazaar - words he memorized by heart, but found more of a nuisance than of any use. He fathoms himself as a virulent pragmatist - whatever works in a situation is his best option, making sure his charm is put to the use most profitable. Ridding himself from the stigma of being the son of a man who is now a permanent resident of the R.B. for trying to solve an Impossible Theorem, and of a certain professor who was exiled from her position, he has recreated his own backstory, filled with mystique and intrigue, as a society glitterati with a particular fondness for the Masters. Being such a volatile individual has manifested some…problems over time though. He can hardly maintain connections with various factions, since he’ll willingly turn his back on them for profit (is it really profit? does he not at the moment truly believe his intentions are convict and moral?), and it has earned him quite a reputation for shifting sides on the brink of defeat (I recall a particular battle you may well have participated in, in which the poor fellow, seeing as his ragged army of dockers was failing to conquer Mr.Fires’ savagery, betrayed them to the neddy men), or using some more devious means to win duels or battles. The Revolutionaries call him “The Sepia Phoenix” - a title he uses proudly, while titling himself as the sun god of the fashionable egypt, simply by rearranging his initials. After a little trouble involving the Monsignor of Tower Hamlets, a rather Senior Demon and a Spirifier (all of which were definitely not ready for THAT joke), he’s spending a leisurely time in the Tomb-Colonies, though he has taken recent lodging in Old Newgate - saying it’s terribly decadent - not having way to pay the fees of higher quality homes.

TLDR: His a sort of pathological liar with a showoff attitude who is in general full of bologni.
Zeek, do you reckon our two characters could ever meet? I can see them hitting off quite fine. If you do mean in the literal, brutal, bloodspilling sense, of course.

Well Alex, I can see him engaging in violence in defence, but he doesn’t attack people for no reason. There’s always something behind it. I can see him offering to buy your soul, having heard about your constant financial issues (presuming you still have it). Or perhaps even making a trade, but requiring some of your knowledge (or a rare book, Zeel’s a collector) in return. As for you, Zephyr, perhaps your character finds one of ours interesting and approaches. Would the Princess? frequent one of the Brass Embassy’s parties? If so, you might find it interesting that Zeel’s the only human to drink Muscuria Brandy. Or that even some of the Devils seem to fear him? They’d be underlings in the Embassy of course, but Devils and fear don’t normally mix.[li]

Just so you all know, I’m not trying to railroad anything and would appreciate your input. I just want to try and help get this show on the road.

Oh, she could most definitely be found at one of the Brass Embassies party. And it probably wouldn’t be too hard to find her either, she tends to get a lot of attention. And if she were to notice that some devils seemed to fear him, well, she’d try to get as close as she possibly could. Even if they were lowly, it’s generally people who are afraid of devils not the other way around. And if Alexxander spends as lavishly as he claims, she might want him to spend some of that on her. Either for services or just as a gift. I don’t really think there’s any other way she’d run into him though.

Well, I may as well try and get something started. I’ll write a bit about the Embassy, and you can respond. Alex, if you think your character has reason to be there too, please join in. If not, let us know how we could easily meet you as we can all know each other and then move from there. Also, while I remember, I’ll let you know what Zeel looks like.

His eyes are grey from hearing what the thunder said, the colour of clouds moments before the storm. Often when he looks at you it seems as though he’s looking deep into your soul. He has black hair that’s of average length, and is only addressed for an important occasion. He’s rather pale compared to others which, in a land where none see sunlight, is quite a feat. He’s a bit taller than average, but not overwhelmingly so. Medium build, not very muscular; as I said before, his skill in combat is more down to reflexes than strength. In the Brass Embassy, he’ll be wearing the Night-Trimmed Frock Coat, along with a diamond ring and some very shiny shoes. Leaving the actual story to my next comment (since this one’s already a bit long),

Zeel took her hand, preparing himself for the next dance. The Brass Embassy’s events were renowned across London, and there was yet to be one Zeel did not receive a personal invitation to. Of course, the fact he called the Embassy home meant it was never inconvenient, but humans were more often tools to the Devils than allies. And who was the woman he was about to dance with? Why, none other than the Deviless this event was set to honour. The dance began and Zeel moved in a way that was elegant and perfect, at least to the untrained eye. Anyone who was experienced in such matters would notice that despite the fact each move was technically correct, there was a stiffness to them, as though each move was learned rather than lived. The music continued, becoming more powerful and frantic, Zeel’s moves melding into the music. On the final note, he kissed her. It was not a matter of attraction, although she was rather attractive, it was more him continuing to cement himself within the Infernal Hierarchy. By this point, he’d even surpassed some Devils. After the dance he left her for a moment, allowing both her and him to mingle.[li]

As the serf tremblingly announced his name, Alexx grinned triumphantly - yes, this was the life. Why no, of course he wasn’t invited - who needs invites when you’re already half-expected half-prayed. Was he not the life of any party? Might as well fancy himself that, since there were no plans to be anywhere else tonight. He walked among the crowd of devils - apparently this was an homage to some Deviless who had recently done something or another, honestly, he couldn’t care less - making his way to the beverages on the far corner where a sommelier was discussing the rare vintages of 57, displaying them with great care. He listened, smirking, hoping for the right time to snatch a glass and drain it. Shock, scorn, a lady fainting, and the work was done - also the wine wasn’t that bad I’d reckon, since he felt a tingling of the stomach like little had ever. The host was called shortly after, as predictably the oenologist would be some close friend, and confronted the fellow - the mechanics of the operation going as smoothly as ever, a kiss by the hand, some flawless flattery, and the right compliments to the fellow’s daughter. Now all he had to do was enjoy the evening knowing full well he had all eyes on him. Perfect.
After the first dance was through, he took out of his ever present briefcase a leather notebook - crossing out the names of the individuals he saw there, with meticulous brevity, making sure to keep count…until he noticed a fellow making his way to a certain notable deviless he had been intending to take for a spin. How terribly tedious, he thought, and noticed for whatever reason he did not know just who that person was. He had vague recollections of his grim looks from parties at this very salon, but hadn’t been acquainted to him - something he would rectify as soon as he was done making small talk to a broke aristocrat asking for some monetary help to sustain his properties and hire a new and more muscular group of bodyguards, since clearly blah blah blah, of course, a promissory note which will never amount to nothing and the man will stop making such a fuss.
Alexx makes his way to the pale-eyed individual, showing the lightly irrigoed suit which dashed and glowed with every new look - quite literally too - using a truly outrageous saphire necklace, hair trimly cut, the beard fiercely pointed, his arms as he drank in how marvelously menacing he felt, his words sharp as silver, his,
-Do pardon me, I do not mean to disturb, but I seem to recall meeting you somewhere. Last month in the Duchess’ soirèe? I can’t seem to remember, do excuse it, and where are my manners, Alexxander Norton.

Zeel looked at the man before him. &quotA social climber&quot was his first thought, studying the man closely. &quotMeans to impress. Possibly trying to climb the social ladder. Still, could present something of interest&quot. Zeel smiled, showing all of his gleaming white teeth, and shook the man’s hand. &quotI am known as Zeel&quot he said. &quotNo, no last name and no, I do not use the titles that are so popular among most sorts although, if you wish for one, I have been labelled the Hollow Hellion, thanks to my friends around here&quot. Zeel gestured slightly to show that many of the Devil’s eyes were currently watching him and his interactions. &quotThere are even rumours that I’m the child of a Rubbery Man and a Deviless&quot he said, laughing at the thought of it, watching this man’s every movement, trying to read his expressions and all. Was he just another climber, or was there something else to this man behind such behaviours? Perhaps his instincts were wrong? After all, most did not approach him without being at least slightly intimidated. Or perhaps he was over-thinking this? &quotOf course, you’re not the type to believe such fripperies, are you?&quot[li]

“Who is this man? Is he even a man?” the thought came rushing as the man made his gesture, and Alexx realized that he was facing a friend of the top-tier members of Hell. Not that he had none - he relished a bit in the fact that he had quite a few powerful acquaintances in the old place - but this fellow was recognized by every Devil who was at the time at the Embassy. Yet his features didn’t show any of that oh-so-charming devil tainted individual - Alexx had always thought that society types had a certain charm to them which emanated from every pore, he was a simple, rather forward individual. Which only made his acquisition all the more pressing.
-Oh, quite not, quite not. Even if you were to have been spawned by such creatures - he leaned in closer to Zeel as if to whisper, though rather audibly - I’m quite sure the result would be no less spectacular. I think I remember you, weren’t you the one who caught the Spider Council down at the docks with just a sickle and a group of frigthened bandits? Yes, quite so, it was the talk of the town for a few days. - Yes, this was his way of dancing. You needn’t move the body less than an inch, and yet the movements were so delightfully delicate - Tell Mr.Zeel, have you ever drank any of the 54’? I seem to have acquired a very particular bottle from our delightful host, and would be happy to share it with you. Maybe we can get, hum, properly acquainted, wouldn’t you say? Men of our stature need others like us - This last phrase had been uttered as a murmur, and Alexx shivered in delight. Shared megalomany is like paraffin, slowly bonding the liquid matters of society.
-I’m actually a recent frequenter of these events dear sir. Didn’t use to have many acquaintances down at the embassy, but my business has made certain parties rather interested. Oh, and if I may be so indiscreet, what is it you do for a living Mr.Zeel?

The Devious Princess had watched as a very pale man danced in the center with the deviless the event had been thrown for. Now that they were done she considered going for a spin herself, but she could still feel the blisters from a certain slip-up she’d made the last time she crashed a gala at the brass embassy. As agile as she is, she was simply frightful at dancing. Well, if at first you don’t succeed, you probably did something wrong and you better figure it out, so she ought to try again. She spots the pale man she had been watching in a conversation, and decided she should go introduce herself.

Zeel gave a slight smile at the man’s compliments, seeing them for what they were yet at least finding amusement in them. &quotAhhh, that story. It is true I have faced Spider-councils before, but the sickles and bandits aspect are both nonsense. I had a rather nice Ratting Piece. Yes, for a brief period of time I was such an individual. As for bandits, I had no-one with me but my own self. Others are unreliable&quot. Zeel paused for a moment, taking the time to glare at some lower level Devils who just so happened to be harassing his date. They very quickly made their excuses and moved on. Zeel watched Alexx, working out from his movements that this was a man used to getting under people’s defences. Did that make this man a scam artist? He was more than a standard social climber, that was for sure. This man was probably as fake, but far more skilled. Out of the corner of his eye, Zeel noticed a woman he’d not seen before approaching them. Immediately, he changed his face, oozing charm as the situation called for. He bowed deeply, then kissed her hand, after which he asked &quotAnd who might this lovely lady be?&quot[li]

A treat this one. Alexx wasn’t quite sure what to do with him, but the man’s sheer power exhaled from every pore. Ah - yes, a thing came to mind. Surely he could help with THAT matter. And he wouldn’t even have to notice it, a shower of brass and a few trips to the honey-dens in secret, a rather indiscreet taking to the Parlour, and it would all be…
As he turned around, to see just who is guest was greeting, Alexx recognized an all too familiar face. The queen of the raggedy gangs. The empress of urchins. That bloody bore of a woman who seemed to haunt him these days. Alexx and the Princess had met when they were both quite young, and he made his pride and joy to indulge her in the more…debauched pleasures of the Neath - not like she didn’t know some already by heart - giving her jewels, and baths, a home, only to find her as a kingpin of criminal organizations. A shame this. Alexx treasured his connections with the more lowly individuals, but he’d be damned if that would tarnish his reputation among the more conservative sorts. What was he supposed to tell her now? She was making a name, should he acknowledge their recognition? Or should he just pretend to meet her again?
-Glad to see you milady. How do you do? Mr.Zeel, might I present to you the charming lady known as the Devious Princess?
Well, guess that choice was done. On the other hand, turning to the entry, there seemed to be an amalgamation of…wait, was that the sound of zee-captains? Such a faint sound. Nothing important surely.

“Your Grace works just fine” The Devious Princess said with a wink. “In case you’re curious, this really is my name. Picked it myself. And Alexx! Why, I haven’t seen you in ages! And such a bitter parting… I still think of you in my honey dreams sometimes, if you would like to accompany me again sometime?” As she said this, she moved closer to Zeel, trying to reveal enough of her past to make him curious. People did tend to be curious when it came to her history. “And besides, I wouldn’t exactly say I rule the urchin gangs, they just happen to respect me, for reasons that should not be mentioned at a social function such as this. But enough about me,” she said, turning her attention back to Alexxander, “How have you been these past couple years? And you, Mr. Zeel, was it? What brings you to this no good gathering of soul thieves, soulless, and whatever those devils use the souls for?” Leaning in for the last part.

Zeel smiled, for a moment perfectly resembling those he associated with. &quotMy dear, I’m invited to every soiree the Devils host. In fact, my Sanctum is just upstairs&quot he said, with a barely perceptible wink that could have been mistaken for an eye twitch. &quotI’d be happy to allow you both to…explore…later of course, one must enjoy their parties. Anyway, Devious Princess, to answer your question about souls, I’m not quite sure but I do know exactly where mine is if that’s what you’re implying. I just don’t want it&quot. Zeel paused a moment before saying &quotEnough standing around, allow me to escort you to my personal table. Nothing huge of course, I am only human, but enough to seat us all&quot. Without another moment, Zeel turned and began walking, seating himself at a small corner table.[li]

The Devious Princess followed after Zeel, taking a seat beside him and making sure her back was against the wall. “You live here? In the embassy?” She asked, not even bothering to conceal the wonder she felt at the very notion. “That sounds so grand! I’ve never heard of such a thing, although I must admit I don’t know too much about these infernal neighbors of ours. If you could give me a tour, well, I wouldn’t say I’d sell my sell,” She said, looking around nervously at other guests of the event, “But it would be simply lovely if you decided to show me. And Alexx too, I suppose. Where has he gotten to now, I assumed he had followed me.” She thought out loud, looking back and noticing him still standing where they had all been moments before, looking at the entrance. “Yoohoo!” She sang, waving her hand to get his attention and show they had moved to a table.