Robbing the Duchess

So, I’ve been trying to gather a sizable number of secrets and stolen correspondence, so I decided to go rob the Duchess to hit two birds with one stone. Unfortunetly, the option to rob her seems to have disappeared. Is it gone forever, has the requirements changed, or is it bugging out?

First thing to check - what’s your Suspicion?

Just barely over 4.

I daresay if you lowered it, you’d find the option open once again.

Ah. Never seen options get locked out because of the constables on my tail before. Then again, when I’ve been prepping a heist, I tend to be a tad… focused.

You’ll find a similar effect when you’re badly wounded and trying to duel the Black Ribbon.

Yeah. There’s a storylet in the Flit that even tells you so – says something like “the most lucrative robberies aren’t available to those being watched closely by the authorities” – which I thought was a nice touch.

Something I would like to point out is that I managed to acquire over five thousand Stolen Correspondence while trying to make myself as Fascinating as possible to two specific individuals at The Empress’s Court. Granted I was more or less trapped in the court as I did not wish to pay the “Court Tax” again to reenter should I leave, and I did eventually leave via the Tomb Colonies in disgrace, but I regret nothing, and if there is any romance in your heart, you will go this rout eventually anyway.

Had been considering that, but I’m also trying to gather research to prove that I’m good enough for God’s Editors, which takes A LOT of secrets