Risen London: A Tale of the Future

Epilogue from &quotRisen London&quot, a novel by John Vazquez:[li]
&quot They ascended to the top of Greenwich Hill, where the Observatory stands. A green, ghostly beam was just over their heads: the Meridian, restored to the World.
It was a winter evening, and the chilling breeze froze their noses; everything else was covered by thick coats, gloves, scarves.
When they made it to the top, they watched around them. They could see the city, tall structures made of glass and metal and light. They turned their heads to the sky, looking for the Stars, but they could not find them.
Only one cared. Only one remembered. His father had fought, and traveled, and loved, and all for nothing. At least, despite the lack of the stars, they were free from the depredations of the masters of the market. Were they, really?&quot

Now this is quite the find my good sir! This certainly shares quite a bit of similarities with the Fifth City indeed although I wonder if this is a coincidence or actually a possible or if this influenced the makers in anyway.

We recall reading this. An inspiring novel indeed, especially in, if you’ll forgive the pun, these dark times.

Oh yes, I also have read this novel. A moving work of tragedy. Have a handkerchief about your person.

The last sentence is still under the scrutiny of the Ministry of Decency. Some people did not like the implications.