Revisiting the "lodging friends" storylets?

So the Loquacious Vicar storylet starts immediately as one have just gained a foot-hold in London (at watchful 5) at that point it is extremely strange and hard to gain intimate of devil 10 or the determination of paying 50 fate. (link to wiki page)
It would be much cooler if players can somehow revisit this chance later when they are fairly into the game.

Or in other words, man I want to score the quiet deviless.

You don’t have to do that storylet as soon as it’s available. If you see options that are locked you can back out and don’t proceed with the storylet until you’ve unlocked those options. That’s what I usually do with the special storylets.

Exactly. The Loquacious Vicar doesn’t close off at higher levels - it’s always available, and you can leave it until you’ve got the requirements for the path you want to take.

Most certainly true, but back then as a new player there is no way for me to even grasp that concept (and I dare to say requiring new players who are still in the first &quottrying it out session&quot to be 1.understanding to go pursue something else and 2. ready to make the commitment of devoting that much resources to the game is rather…absurd)[li]
Plus I don’t see any bad side of giving a fate-locked option for resetting these qualities (as it requires very little effort).