Returning to the game: current state?

So I stopped playing this a few years ago when content slowed to a trickle and I realized I’d spent months grinding without anything interesting happening. Some friends of mine just got into it recently though, I was considering replaying it if some of the storylines actually had conclusions?

What’s the state of things now? Ambitions, SMEN, Glass/Shroud?

I don’t really want to end up stuck and unable to finish the big stories again like last time, just wanted to get a status update from the forums before jumping back in.

SMEN is finished. Ambitions are one or two updates away from being done. Don’t know for glass/shroud, but its not finished.

Please note that SMEN finishes by permakilling your character.
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Yeah, I sort of figured that was the case (re: SMEN death). I suppose I’ll see if I can remember the login to my seeker account and try to pick that one up.

Guess if the others aren’t complete yet I’ll pass. Or maybe make a new account and start from low level, I don’t remember 99% of everything anyway.
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Well, there were many many changes in during the past few years. It depends on when exactly you left. Here are a few recent changes, off the top of my head. I’m sure others can add more.

The entire early game was restructured. There are now “Tracker paths” for each of the main qualities.

The Connected system (with various factions) is slowly being reworked into a system using dual qualities: Favours and Renown. The factions already covered are Criminals, Docks, Tomb-Colonies, and Rubbery Men. Urchins are next.

If you’ve finished the Foreign Office, you can go on a tour as a governor of the Carnelian Coast.

Zailing mechanics were changed.

A new seasonal event is about to start tomorrow - elections for a new mayor of London.

Subscribing as an Exceptional Friend now gives access to a special monthly story. Most have been very good. These stories are later available to buy separately via the Fate tab after a few months.

The Exceptional Stories that come with Exceptional Friendship have really been a saving grace in the end game. They provide a nice slow but steady trickle of new stories and lore during long grinds.

Outside of them and the re-introduction of the now completed Seeking, end game content continues at a trickle. The focus has generally been on enhancing and adjusting the early game for the introduction of the iOS app. I’m still hopeful we’ll see the completion of the ambitions eventually.

The early game has been restructured, yes, but it is mostly old content in a new structure - you are still going to the Ambassador’s Ball, find the Heiress, duel in the Black Ribbons. It is just that they are no longer optional - you must do these things to get access to later areas - and in return you no longer has to pay for most of the hefty entry fee because the stories will unlock them for you.

Everytime you finish a &quottier&quot of story, you get a brief interlude that allow you to react differently (no story consequence) to point you to the next batch of stories. They also give a boost to the relevant stats and adjust your quirks slightly.

I suggest you tour around in your current, end-game account and see if you got anything new to do. As for SMEN, well, if you are starting over you might just as well use your end-game account to seek while you get your way back up with an alt.

Yes, I think that’s what I’ll do. For now pick up Seeking again from that account. Perhaps by the time I’m done Seeking some of those main storylines are going to be complete and I’ll restart an account to play through them. I just don’t want to end up levelcapped/stuck at the endgame again, because then I simply forget what the story was by the time it continues and that’s no fun.