Returning player looking for a little assistance

Note: Spoilers for those with stats below 130 or so might abound in this thread, turn back if you don’t wish to see them.[li]

So, I left the game for a while (I’d say the better part of the year, but nothing about that part of the year was better for not playing), and I’m trying to find the possibilities that have come about in my absence.

Most of my stats are in the 150s, with one is 160s

I have all 3 and 4 card homes
I have a zub, and have traveled to the Iron Republic, Polythreme, and other places across the zee
None of my normal sources (the five friends at my Lodgings) have any suggestions
I have found the Nadir, and returned once to upgrade some gear
I have a Profession (Watcher) and I’m currently working on my Notable to upgrade it
I am seeking the Name, but it appears to be on hold at the moment (alas)
I have an Overgoat, who no longer appears to be working like he (she? it?) used to. I have seen references to an Ubergoat around the forums…
I have seen reference to 5 card homes, are any of them available yet?
Are there any items that fill the Destiny slot atm?
I have been on a handful of major heists, a number of expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter, I have all the Beasts from breeding
I last left the quarry of my Nemesis in The Iron Republic
I have a decent paper that hasn’t put out an edition in over a year

Anyone have suggestions on things to do?

Destiny items were from the Hallowmas event. They are supposed to be available in the future, but be more difficult to get.

An Ubergoat requires two Overgoats. Wine and Barry White is also helpful.

2…Overgoats… The first was hard enough 0.0

Yes, yes it was. The Nadir and your profession will be helpful.[li]
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Addressing some of your questions:

Overgoat: Two Overgoats and one Fate = Ubergoat.
Lodgings: No, the 5 card lodgings aren’t available quite yet, but we can see their requirements. They are hideously expensive.
Destiny: All Hallows Eve gave an option to choose a potential destiny; no other sources have been found.

I can’t recall anything much in the way of new content per se, but there have been a lot of mechanical upgrades. Lots of new social actions, especially.

The Overgoat works differently now; you need to have it equiped to be able to use it on its own card.

What helps is that you can now go to a different tab after playing a card and when you return to the Story tab you will be back at the card.