Returning from my Sabbatical.

I, in a flight of foolishness, took a long, long respite from London, and in my absence many things have changed.

It seems that the Forgotten Quarter has re-arranged itself, that Notability has now become a &quotthing&quot, and my Salon is full of possibilities.

(Annoyingly, some upstarts have also stolen a march on me in getting some nicer rooms, despite my long-standing membership with the Home-Owner’s Society)

Additionally, my clothes (and weaponry) has become unfashionably obsolete, and I have to see about outfitting myself with a new wardrobe and gun-rack.

Finally, Destinies have become all the rage, although they seem to be impossible to get, now that winter has passed.

Is there anything else that I am missing?

Destinies should be available in August from the Fruits of Zee festival, if they repeat that, and assuming they don’t add another event that gives them before that.

The forgotten quarter rearrange is annoying because it set your archaeologist skill to 1, even if you’d done quite a bit more, so if you want to get the Cave of the Nadir it’ll take some grinding >.<

The new five card lodgings are mindbogglingly expensive unless you get them at Christmas.

As far as stuff you missed though, when did you last play? (either way though I’m probably a bad person to ask since I took a long break starting back when it was called &quotEcho Bazaar&quot and the stat cap was 100)

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I last played around 2-3 years ago, I think. Before Knife-and-Candle was re-introduced, but after the migration from EchoBazaar to Storynexus

Your profile shows that you are an individual of prominence, so many of the things that you might have missed out on can be easily perused. The Bag a Legend and Nemesis ambitions have received new content, with more on the way for the others. The more recent additions have focused on players gaining or possessing a vast quantity of resources, so stockpiling some base resources would be a good idea, about 10,000 each (for a start). You should also get some Night Whispers if you do not have any already by delving into the Forgotten Quarter - they may come in use later.

Also, though I may be mistaken, it appears you missed out on the phenomenal fad of the Nadir. This requires that you be in the good standing of the Revolutionary Firebrand and the Secular Missionary to proceed. After that you need an Eyeless Skull and a willingness to lose some points in your skills.

Lastly you should probably make a spiffy signature for yourself to give people the right (or wrong) impression as to your nature.

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(Ah, that was me. I forgot to sign in. Sorry for that)

You can get them by collecting Certifiable Scraps. LOTS of Certifiable Scraps. 3200 CS, I believe. Which takes… quite a while to grind.

There was a while when ever man, woman and being of indistinct gender and their (possibly rubbery) dogs seemed to be trying to find the Nadir.

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edited by dragonridingsorceress on 2/24/2015

The base stuff can be used to get the advanced items, although you could just stockpile advanced items instead. Having a few Comprehensive Bribes around is as useful in the Neath as it is in real life. Perhaps my suggestion of hoarding so many items is redundant, but I just like to be prepared. Also, it gives you something to do while you are waiting for an update. You could also just wait until the stories actually update but, as you can imagine, that has been taking some time.

As DRS above me has said, the Nadir made quite the stir back when it was first released. Recent modifications to it have made it less profitable than it used to be but you can still get interesting items and companions from delving into it.

Currently we are in the middle of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose (Valentine Holiday).

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Specifically, the Nadir had a storylet that used to give you a cheap Tears of the Bazaar which you could then sell for 312.5 echoes. Then when Christmas of that year rolled around and the Tears were given an actual use besides vendor trash, the requirements on the Nadir storylet were increased, making it less worthwhile.

But not quite worthless. After all, Tears can be exchanged for Master’s Blood. And once you have acquired all the 5-card lodgings you want and have no further use for your lacre, buying tears with it becomes profitable.

But not quite worthless. After all, Tears can be exchanged for Master’s Blood. And once you have acquired all the 5-card lodgings you want and have no further use for your lacre, buying tears with it becomes profitable.[/quote]
I’ve never quite understood. what is the value of master’s blood? is it just worth a small fortune? but so are the tears you’re spending to get it. is there some use i don’t get?

It can be used to upgrade your Bazaar Premises to a Spire-Emporium, and you can get a Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book when De Gustibus is available. Aside from that it’s just nice to have. You never know when it might get another use, and a lot of people like having items for collection’s sake.