Returning after a long absence - Where is SMEN?

I took a long break from the Neath, but returned after Sunless Sea came along.

I left while SMEN, working on S/S/C step, apparently after losing my soul for the 5th time. I recovered my soul, but have yet to draw the card I need to lose it for the next trip around the merry-go-round.

Am I needing to be in possession of certain objects in order to be eligible to draw the card? Or was the SMEN line changed? Or have I just been unlucky not seeing it in over 3 weeks?
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Alas, while you were on a break, SMEN went on a break as well. Currently there is no way to progress it, but the powers that be have stated that it will return in the future, subtly but irrevocably changed.

SMEN is currently disabled pending some reworking of the more troublesome spots. The most recent addition was apparently bugged to hell and back and caused some people to lose a huge amount of progress for absolutely no gain, so they took the story down for a while to fix that and some other problems. I believe the last word on it was that it should be up “soon, but not that soon”.

Curse ye! Your title made me think Seeking was coming back and I got all excited.

I left shortly after K&C came back - when the Waxwail Knife had appeared and was presumably connected to continuing the SMEN storyline. I can understand disabling the latest content they’d added, but I’m surprised they disabled it even as far back to the S/S/C step. :( Well, guess I’ll work on something else since neither my Ambition nor SMEN is going anywhere.

[color=#009900]This isn’t quite accurate. I had been running it as a personal out-of-hours project because it lost us money to do commercially. Consequently, it was explicitly unsupported, no customer service, abandon hope all ye who enter here. It became apparent that wasn’t a workable approach, so I put it on indefinite hiatus. [/color]
[color=#009900]I still hope to bring it back, but it has to be de-fanged to be commercial content, we’ve had other priorities the last year, and it’s been harder to find time now the company’s grown. Maybe this year.[/color]
[color=#009900]More (much more) here:[/color]

Much thanks for the reply kind Tiger Sir. :)

I’ve been reading some of your posts and understand that Fallen London (and StoryNexus) have been going through some troubles during my absence. I regret in some ways not being there through it - not that I alone could have helped keep the books in the black, but that I was one among the many people who had to step back from FL and SN. I do burn out even of exceptional games like this, but I’m glad that Sunless Sea brought me back because it underscored just how much I enjoy the writing and stylistic elements that go into your world. I recently dragged 3 other friends into it - mostly by incessantly describing how many quirky and fun things it involves.

I enjoy finding out that there is so much more to explore in this world … I was delighted to visit places in Sunless Sea that overlapped with my Zee-faring in Fallen London, and also discover so much more lore about the world.

But every time I pass through Void’s Approach I know … I know there is something that aches in me to know more about the mysteries of the Drowned Man.
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