Returned player is confused


I stopped playing for several years and have come back :)

I don’t know where to pick things up. I managed to find some bits for my hearts desire thingy but am a bit stuck can you lovely friends help me please?

I currently have watchful 149, shadowy 143, dangerous 140 and persuasive 136.

I have done a few things like the labyrinth of tigers and made the hound of heaven amongst other strange pets. I am a significant induvidual

This could be a hard thread for you guys to comment on so could you just suggest ideas for where I should go and do things based on my skill levels? I’ve wandered around London and the Zee for a few weeks and haven’t noticed where I should be looking for new stuff! A friend tells me skill caps are now at around 200. It seems I am in the middle of a scientific expedition as I have many pages of notes but I can’t remember how to do this!

many thanks for any helps you give, please try to keep them spoiler lite/free

Tilmady Gerute

PS I need a black book full of friends I currently have none! If you would like to join in my black book also comment your name and I will add you ;)

For the scientific expedition, you get additional pages by visiting certain islands at Zee. Those can be converted into other things at your lodgings. If you are currently Unwelcome at the University, then you’ll need 500 of all three types of notes.

Speaking of being unwelcome, have you been banished from Court? If so, you can do a run on the Foreign Office carousel to finally get that posting to a governorship at Port Carnelian.

On the Shadowy side, did you do the Affair of the Box or get a Newspaper?

Feel free to add me to your contacts, profile link is in my signature.

Feel free to add me.