Returned and wondering what to do now

Last year, I used to play this game all the time. All the time to the point that I had to stop to allow more time for school. Partially, though, I stopped because I’d reached the grind for the ship and I didn’t really want to do it.
Anyways, as it’s currently summer I started up again sometime last week. I immediately went to the ship and I now have a majestic pleasure yacht! Hooray! However, before I put to zee, I would like to finish up any remaining London stories (except nadir, that’s for afterwards) and make preparations for once I am at zee.
The problem is, I don’t really remember what stories there were and where I left off. Right now, I’m buying the case of books and the respectable landau in the sidestreets, plus I’m working on the story of the plaster face. After that I’ll see where I was in the Jack case and try to finish that. My ambition, Nemesis, requires me to get a iron republic thingy before I put to zee, but I already have all the credit pages and just need to get my counting the days high enough for the card. I think I can keep going in the lab of tigers and in mahog hall, but I don’t know for sure.

Mostly, though, I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of lore. There are so many delicious secrets to uncover, and I don’t really know anything big, except for that thing about the duchess, the cantigaster, and the second city that was part of the university investigation. I played the trial of Sunless Sea, but not enough to get into the lore, and I also played the Silver Tree but I don’t remember much of it… pretty much any of it, actually. So I feel like I’m missing out on something big.

Any recommendations of content that has come out in the past year, preparations I need to make for anything at zee (Carnelion, Polythreme, Hunter’s Keep, ambition @ Iron Republic, any other cool places out there), or any content I haven’t finished yet in London would be delicious!

Unless you’re willing to pay fate, most of the work in the last year has been reworking older content (social actions and connected in particular have changed)

There are a good number of stories due to be updated later this year, light fingers and court for example, but they have yet to arrive.

Edit: oh! SMEN returned, and has quite nice lore behind it. Can also perma-kill your character, but that’s life.
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I have a feeling that a lot of you are going to ask, ‘have you done this yet?’ So here’s a list of everything I’ve done. You can also check my mantelpiece to ctrl-f search for a specific quality, if you’d rather do that than search this list.
This is organized by area, in order from left to right on the map. For each one, I’ve named storylets and plans for that area that I can currently see. If I don’t name something, it’s either because I’ve already done it and it’s no longer visible or because I haven’t unlocked it yet. You can search my mantelpiece, I guess, as I probably have no memory of it.
This is a long list. I don’t recommend you read the whole thing, but rather just if you think of a story check the area where it would appear to see if I’ve done it yet. I’ve starred the labyrinth of tigers and mahogany hall because I think I can still continue, but I don’t know and the only clue I have is the quality, which I hope people can check.

-Shuttered palace: kicked out
-*Labyrinth of tigers: I’ve bred the somnolent hyena for the bishop, so now there’s the carousel. I think there might be another coil though, right? I currently have MPitLoT 16
-Forgotten quarter: I have the route to the cave of the Nadir, but that’s for when I get back from zee. Apart from only 11 supply crates, I only have archeologist 3 and I don’t have an eyeless skull. So clearly there’s going to be some expeditioning when I get back from zee.
-Ladybones road: I’ve unlocked the vel squad and gone through the carousel at least once. I think I need to use it to work on the Jack case, which I’ll do once I get the plaster face sorted out.
-University: kicked out. I could try to manufacture a theorem at some point in the future if I need to do that though.
-Wilmot’s end: For the foreign office, I think I need to go to Port Carnelian next. Diplomat quality is ‘going places’. I’m not going to check specifically inside of it because there’s a cost to enter from Wilmot’s. There’s also the carousel.
-Sidestreets: Case of books and respectable landau. There’s also the parthenaeum and the artist’s model, but I already have the other option for both.
-Veilgarden: I remember when the flash lay came out last year (for some reason it’s still labelled as experimental content!?), but I never got around to trying it because my menaces were too high. Apart from that, nothing I can see.
-Spite: I have a newspaper affiliation (newspaper editor quality is ‘a humble servent of the truth’), though I haven’t published an issue yet. Also, my affair of the box quality is 60, so I have the carousel but I don’t know if there’s still something to do in Mahogany hall?
-The Flit: none of this content is required to progress, but I might try to steal some bazaar permits to buy premises and antique mysteries to get a royal beth room from the merry gentleman.
-Wolfstack: Put to zee, which I think is required for most progression this point. I don’t know how I should prepare, but I don’t want to have to go somewhere only to realize I need an item from FL and have to sail back, especially because the journeys look difficult. (Also, side note, I feel kind of annoyed because I remember there was a story to defeat a spider-council here that I started, and I even met the council only for them to kill me before I defeated them. However, before I went back, I think I progressed my ‘name scrawled in blood’ quality and it was locked before I could actually defeat them. I have arachnologist 3, but I don’t think there’s any way I can go back and complete it, is there)
-*Mahogany hall. I have tales of mahogany hall 22 and embroiled in the wars of illusion 25. No clue where that puts me. I don’t remember putting on any shows, but there’s a fair chance I did and I don’t remember. I have connected shroud 20 and no connected glass. No clue where I should go from here. Affair of the box is 60.
-Watchmaker’s hill: … what happened to knife and candle? I was an avid player before but it’s… closed now? can somebody explain? (oh also funny story i remember i had 7 wounds with 7 cp at one point, can’t remember why, and I opened up the game to find I was on the riverboat… I was very confused until i realized it was probably knife and candle. opened up my messages and fun, one of my ‘friends’ had stabbed me. Very nice. Kind of annoying, and i might have quit knife and candle once I got off the boat? can’t remember. oh well, you literally sign up for getting randomly attacked when you sign up for knife and candle.)
-Mrs. Plenty’s carnival: I could always building renown for each of the factions up to ten. But then I can’t use the carnival to gain favors. I’ll think about it.
-Lodgings: I’m currently doing the plaster face/big rat. I also might start working on bazaar permits and antique mysteries for a four card lodgings. I have the particular plant at 12, but I don’t think I’ll be playing much in the tournament of lilies for now.

(if you read all of that… wow. That was a lot of work to do entirely for someone else. Your magnanimous quirk is increasing…)

palace: updating later this year, but for now you’re done.
Labyrinth: you’re done, but there are some other beasts you can breed.
Forgotten Quarter: Expeditions! SMEN can also be started here by seeking curios.
Ladybones: Jack and Vel squad
University: re-admittance to the university
Wilmot’s end: Yes, Port Carnelian
spite: 60 isn’t a thing for affair of the box. 50 requires you to publish a newspaper though.
wolfstack: Zailing has been reworked to be nicer, and you can prepare to make the voyage easier. If you need items there is normally a way to get them on the same island (does not apply to ambitions)
Mahogany Hall: You’ve finished everything here.
Watchmaker’s hill: Yes, Knife and Candle is on hiatus for now. Some day it may return. If its any consolation lethal sparring bouts are now a social action.
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