Resurrection of an old player

Hi all,

I was playing FL for two-three years, three-four years ago, before I got distracted by other games. With the coming of the Android app I resurrected my primary character, Doctor Ezekiel Wright. He was both pretty far into Seeking Mr. Eaten’s Name (at least from what I can tell, the first two Candles are in his inventory), and has spent a hefty sum of Fate to unlock every storylet he could find.

So, I have two questions for you. The first is, now there’s a storylet, The Seeking Road, which let’s me give up the search for the Name and reset it. Now, I definitely want to see SMEN to the end, but since I’ve forgotten everything about it, this seems like a good opportunity to start from scratch and remember what the story is about. On the other hand, at one point I had to give up on A LOT of things to get where I’m now, and I’m not sure I’d want that again. What is your recommendation?

The second is, is there any way to reset Fate-locked content, so that I can go through it again? The point being, as above, that I’ve forgotten everything that happened four years ago, and would like to remind myself.


Well, I don’t know about SMEN, but you can reset most of the Fate-Locked stories on Fate tab, using, you guess, Fate

Hm, I only see option for reseting my Ambition. What am I missing?

Well, depends on which stories you did in the past, but, for example, if you already did Soul Trade, you should have “A change in Souls” where once was “Soul Trade”

Ah, I found it, thanks!

You can’t reset all stories, but here’s a link to Estelle’s thread which may help you, but also a comment regarding the connections between ES.
I haven’t started Seeking nor have the time to make an alt for it, but, in my opinion, think it’ll be best to use this character as a Seeker and start a new one to enjoy every bit of content new and old. In the end, Seeking will render you character unplayable!
Welcome back and enjoy you stay… Seeking!

[quote=Skinnyman]but here’s a link to Estelle’s thread which may help you[/quote]This post and this one, specifically. ;)

Let him read and enjoy the whole thread! :P :D But your comment is a good addition!

Thank you all, I’ll read it in detail. :-)

But my original question remains: since I don’t remember any details of SMEN storyline (and I’ve played the old version), is it better to just start it again, or to try to roll with the new one blindly?

you can read up on dat lore without restarting, though.

Be careful about seeking as this time around it has an definite end and you may want an alt!

Resetting Seeking probably won’t cost you too much in the long run. It isn’t as punishing as it used to be. The only really big cost would probably be having to go through the carnival again so depending on how much you like your lodgings or connections that might hit hard (unless you’re willing to spend fate to skip that part).

Something to keep in mind with new Seeking though is that you have to boost your Seeking Mr Eaten’s name value really high to progress. Assuming you have Arthur’s and Beau’s candle you need to get to 27 to unlock the next step. This will either cost you many echoes worth of items or you can get 1 free point a week if you’re willing to take it slow. Resetting will give you the opportunity to re-experience the content, but it also means resetting the clock on that climb.

It sounds like what to do is start a new character and play the game from scratch. That would reset all your fate-locked (and non-fate-locked) stories! I recommend it, it’s what I’ve been doing since I rejoined.
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Don’t know how relevant is this, but found this on wiki by accident. Maybe you qualify for it.
Good luck!

Well, I don’t care about my connections, time I have (or echoes I can grind), and even with St. Beau’s candle my SMEN is currently 8. Now the only question is how much time does it take to go from SMEN 1 to 8. If it’s more than a couple of months, then I’d rather keep what little progress I have.

Starting a new character just to experience Seeking story would be valid, but my Doctor is too deep into it now, and would finish his quest one way or another.

Haven’t reached St. Cerise’s candle yet, never figured out how to play knife&candle before I went to hiatus. But thanks for the link!

Since you can freely raise SMEN by one level each week (using Unaccountably Peckish), you can easily reach SMEN 8 from scratch in less than 2 months.

What would be harder to replace are the St Arthur and St Beau candles. If you give those up it will likely take you quite a while to get them back, unless you have a lot of Appalling Secrets to burn.

(St Arthur’s is available after reaching SMEN 21 (and getting all Scars, Chains, and Stains), and St Beau’s at SMEN 24.)

Hm, I see. Thank you for all your help folks, I think I’ll stick then to what I have, and maybe start a new character to see the lore that came before.

You should start a new character and play Fate-only story with them, and do seeking with the old character xD

You should start a new character and play Fate-only story with them, and do seeking with the old character xD[/quote]

That’s what I thought I was doing when I started my alt. Then SMEN went on vacation. Now I have two characters I don’t want to end, so I started a third.