Request: Wardrobe / Clothing Sets?

I would pay hard Nex were I to be offered the opportunity to be able to &quotset&quot outfits so that I didn’t constantly have to go to the &quotMyself&quot tab when switching between my Watchful and my Persuasive wardrobes, for example.[li]

Is there any possibility within the game’s design framework of adding the option to switch out all slots to a pre-set with a single click or two? That would be amazing – although I doubt that my thinking is so novel that nobody’s proposed this before.[/li][li]
[/li][li]I apologize if this is the wrong forum (it most certainly is) but I wasn’t sure where best to offer the question/thought and get some feedback from others if the idea’s already been kiboshed a half-dozen times. ;-)[/li][li]
edited by Miguelmariaduran on 11/26/2013

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the suggestion made, but I’m not aware if it’s been commented on.

I do know that it’s possible, because a long time back I wrote a userscript that did just that. Actually, that was just a side add-on to what I intended the script for, which was to track the value of items. But, the bazaar changed, and the terms of service state no scripts, so I never updated it (though it’s probably still out there somewhere.) Given how often this comes up, and how relatively easy it was to implement even to a third-party outsider, I’m pretty surprised an in-game solution hasn’t happened yet.

[color=rgb(0, 153, 0)]Possible reasons might include: there are additional non-obvious complexities involved; other things keep on being higher priorities; you’re better at this sort of thing than we are. :-) I’ll leave the preferred mix as an exercise for the reader, but I’m afraid it’s not likely to happen soon, though it’d be nice eventually. (A faster Myself page is on the list, however.)[/color]


I considered the fact that it occasionally sent careless users to the colonies to be a feature though ;) But I certainly understand priorities. Properly flogging the developers is a task that musn’t be undertaken lightly; but it’s so hard to find the time to do it right. But seriously though, there has certainly been a lot in the way of game changes since I wrote that script, so it’s clear things there have been busy there. And I’m looking forward to a faster myself page - for much more than wardrobes.

It is still out there; it still mostly works. The only completely broken feature seems to be generation of new custom wardrobes. Um, hypothetically :-P.

I echo - pun alas intended but crude - the comments of others that this is the single most desirable UI feature; the speed of contact-list-loading for choices about e.g. sending a Christmas card is annoying but not as burdensome as having to change clothes every few sec.