Request for a partner in crime

I need 77 first city coins to progress with my ambition. Would one lovely person with shadowy or persuasive at 70+ like to help me break into the Museum of Mistakes and steal some?

I’d eagerly agree, but I’ll be stuck overseas for a while yet. In the meantime, why not advertising HERE?

I would love to help, (even though I don’t exactly know what it entails, not my ambition) if I can. My shadowy is 100 but my persuasive is only about 65 with gear.

If those stats suit, my twitter name is @Aryenke

Unexpected good news: I had forgotten I actually had a spare 30 exchanged with a Fourth City Airag. I had offered them in the other thread but as it seems nobody needed them. As it is, I’ll eagerly send them to you directly ^^ Only problem: what’s your Twitter account, so I can follow it?
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Oh fabulous thanks ever so… My twitter is @LesleyPowers.

OK, I’ll send them as soon as I’ll be back from Polythreme. Disclaimer: it could take a little while, the land of Talking Thingies is a hell of a place for Qualities grinding :)

That’s kind of you, thanks. Perfectly happy to wait, busy gathering journals of infamy right now. I’ve got my eye on that handsome townhouse.

MorganAstray - I got your plans for the theft and am in progress.

It looks like it is a goodly number of actions to properly prepare for the theft (my reputation as a Master Thief must go unsullied, so I will not prematurely pursue the prize until I have certainty of success). Therefore, I’d think I can safely purloin your coins and send them your way tomorrow!

It’s a very good idea to wait until it’s a straightforward challenge. I believe it takes 35 actions to do so, but it’s a necessity as failing will remove ALL of the quality… including the initial 1 supplied by the person asking, so you’ll need to go back to them empty-handed and let them know you failed.

That’s perfectly lovely of you Aryenke, didn’t realise it was so convoluted! No rush.

So, in the wee hours of the morning, before dawn’s first light I twisted and slithered among the remarkable curiosities in the museum and achieved our goal! The messenger should arrive soon with the goods!

It was a lot of turns, but I’m glad to have gone through the storylet once. I think though, that it would be nice if those of us who have completed the task for someone got a unique quality or accomplishment to show for it.

It is fun to be finally far enough along in my game to be of service to people, since so many have been helpful to me. Not that I’m anyone of importance, or likely to be soon, but it is fun to no longer be a new arrival!

I know that feeling very well ^^

Morgan, I just started my next-to-last Polythreme cycle, then I’ll grind some more silk and set sail - erm - steam for Wolfstack Docks.

Received this morning with delight, Aryenke, thank you! Almost there…

Grand, thanks streetfelineblue. Busying myself seducing society types in the mean time.

[quote=MorganAstray]Received this morning with delight, Aryenke, thank you! Almost there…

Grand, thanks streetfelineblue. Busying myself seducing society types in the mean time.[/quote]

I’m going home! As it is possible to send the coins from the Unterzee, I’ll send them as soon as you become available again.

EDIT: Check the Messages tab, a package should be on its way :)
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Gratefully recieved, thank you! 9 more to go…

I (Selenia Winthrop) am availible for crime anytime. I am at 6 scandal, and don’t care.