Reported Locations of Princes of Hell?

Aren’t all the Princes of Hell in Palmerstone’s, where they’re well safe and protected? Why would they be elsewhere? Do they only meet at the Brimstone Convention on special occasions and live in exile across the Zee, or is Palmerstone’s the main and permanent base of the aristocracy of Hell?

I think the word you’re missing is One-Time Prince of Hell. The description of the item should elucidate things.

my question still stands. Why aren’t they all at Palmerstone’s?

I’d never actually been to Mt. Palmerston, and having read more about it on the Sunless Sea wiki I’m now just as confused as you are. Does the rest of Hell know where Mt. Pamlerston is? Maybe that’s the location in question.

I’d say Hell is certainly aware of the Convention’s location. I suspect that, as IHNIWTR guesses, the Convention is merely a meeting-place, and a heavily-guarded one, and that the exiles actually live elsewhere, in various secret places.