Reported Location of a One-Time prince of hell

How does one acquire this trait? Has the content not been released yet? Or is it something that can be done during a visit to the Burning continent? [li]

This is an item. The only way to get it that I know of at the moment is to sell the location of the cave of the nadir to a certain one of the parties who want it.

It’s also one of the items you can purchase from the Relickers for 3200 scraps.

Yep, these two sources are the only ones known atm, afaik.

[quote=Allanon Kisigar]It’s also one of the items you can purchase from the Relickers for 3200 scraps.[/quote]The Capering Relicker, to be more precise. You also need 200 Persuasive to purchase it.


Is this usable for anything, other than being worth a crazy number of Echos, at the moment? I didn’t want to sell the location of the Nadir to the revolutionaries, because of the Liberation of Night, but the Great Game, as far as I know, has no overarching destructive goals. (After all, if the world ends, so does the game.) Now I’m going to have to make it up to the Bohemians for leaving them somehow–but the information itself. Keep it? Sell it on? Wait and see?

Its only use that I know of (other than as Echoes) is to upgrade your Brass Embassy Lodgings to the 5-card Suite.

Considering how prized and rare it is, I’d keep it safe in the inventory until needed.

Cheers, thank you!

I assume that it might have additional use when Seeking content is resumed.
(Top tier items were used to make progress on Winking Isle - just before Seeking was put on hold)