Repeatable Persuasive Progress Quests?

This is more of a gameplay mechanic question rather than a economic one although I won’t mind earning lots of echoes from my ventures.

Anyways, watchful got the detective and the expeditions, dangerous has the fight club er… black ribbon and monster hunting, and shadowy has the thefts of particular character and courier stalking.

I really enjoyed building up investigation, expedition supplies, casing etc. and the rather large reward (and even accomplishments) at the end.

Are there any Persuasive counterparts to these quests?

So far, I only found one such quest at the Shuttered Palace. I’m okay with fascinating a certain model but I want a more engaging and longer story.

I think the persuasive counterpart is the ‘artist in residence’ series in court, and the court romance options.

I kind of agree with what RandomWalker says. But while artist-in-residence and the romances there were an interesting part for Persuasive People, it sure doesn’t feel permanent considering how

You ultimately get banished from the Court if you decided to ruin your artistic reputation. For seemingly good since I don’t think I ever heard of an option in getting back to it despite interesting plot hooks left hanging there.

It does feel like it was meant to be only temporary. Fun – I have fond memories of getting my character banned from Court for romancing the Wit and the Beauty at once. While on the throne of the Empress no less! – but temporary. I suppose the writing a short story segment that’s found in Veilgardens count. Along with being associated with a certain school of art and doing work for them?

Thanks for the replies.

Yeah, I’ve searched the wiki about the Court but the sad part is that it’s finite. However, I do want to take that story on in the future.

I’ll try the short story venture at Veilgarden. My character has written wondrous praise about fungi before so I think he’ll manage making his own stories.

There’s also the pygmalion stories in Mahogany Hall, and two carousels in Wilmot’s End also have persuasive paths through them, as do a couple War of Assassins options (but I don’t think you can get through that entirely with persuasive).

None of these are as great as some of the shadowy and watchful grindable stories for making an income, but if you want to get persuasive up after being banned from court they’re all reasonable options.

If you’re banned from Court you can head to the Foreign Office. All Persuasive all the time. There’s an entry fee, but after that it’s about as good as the Velocipede Squad if I’m not mistaken.

That doesn’t get you banned. Only exiled to the tomb colonies.
A fun way to get there, if you have some business there - as neathy poketrainers do.

That doesn’t get you banned. Only exiled to the tomb colonies.
A fun way to get there, if you have some business there - as neathy poketrainers do.[/quote]

Right! Exiled not banned. Sorry for the misuse of words there.