Repeatable bohemian gain?

Is there anything that will (not quite quickly) grind my boheamian up to 60 without needing lucky draw on the cards?

In the Shuttered Palace you can Publish poetry in praise of the Duchess on the Entry to the Duchess’ salon storylet.

Oh, RIGHT, I’m banned from COURT, not from…

If you already became a Sholar of Correspondence, you can use &quotReaping the academic benefits&quot - &quotA Public Lecture&quot storylet in Forgotten Quarter. This also raise your connections with Revolutionaries and Society by cost of some suspision (+1CP per action).
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What about grinding Bohemian up to 25? The typewriter can only go as far as connected:20. Or should I continue making politically dangerous jokes at the Singing Mandrake?

As Lady Ciel wrote above, a very efficient method is to Publish poetry in praise of the Duchess in the palace. This isn’t capped and each action will give you 22 CP of Connected: Bohemians.

To be honest, I asked because I haven’t gain access to the palace yet. Collecting wine will cost quite some time, but I suppose I’ll have to do it eventually, so I’d better start working on it now.

Sounds like you’re trying to advance your profession, so I’m trying to think back to those days. I think I did most of the 20-25 stretch through opportunity cards rather than storylets, though, partly out of some sort of aversion to grinding storylets.

I see from the wiki that if you have the appropriate level of Persuasive and some Proscribed Material, arranging a secret reading of banned poetry will unsurprisingly make you popular among the Bohemians (6 CP), and that’s a repeatable storylet.

For cards, off the top of my head:

If you’re willing to spend The Demi-Monde and hope to draw it again, it’s worth 10 CP.

If you have a bit of connection with the church, the kaleidoscopic church conflict card seems to show up all the time, and will let you trade 15 CP of Church for 30 CP of Bohemians. I think this is where I got the bulk of mine for professions, as you only need it to turn up a few times.

What’s your Persuasive? Once you got your Persuasive high enough, all the good storylets for Wine disappears.
In anycase, check this for wine.

Sooner or later you will have to go to Court anyway, and praising the Duchess with poetry is nice in that there are no menaces gained on failure - you just lose 1CP of Bohemian (and get a free rat), when success get you at least 30 CP and 10 CP of Duchess for entry to the court.

Thanks for the tips, marcmagus! I’ve kept grinding the kaleidoscopic church card until my Bohemian is up to 21. Just finished the ‘Uncover hidden tattoo’ storyline, got a massive persuasive gain and managed to unlock ‘Rescue banned books’ (poor starving poet) and ‘Arrange a secret reading of banned poetry’.

Estelle, currently I’m equipping talkative rattus faber and go mudlarking at the Stolen River near Ladybones. Also got the Mr Wines is holding a sale card, so I only need 40 more romantic notions to get a boatload of '79. Maybe I’ll continue drinking prisoner’s honey. All that’s left is Greyfields '82.

All the pieces are coming together. I’m coming for you, my soon-to-be little red notebook.