Renting vs ownership

Does anyone find it weird that we all own lodgings? Historically it was much more common to rent out an apartment or townhouse in real life Victorian London.

I was under the impression that Pennstock offered leases, not ownership. But I may be mis-remembering the wording, it’s been a bit since I hit him up.

I believe some are sold and most rented… that cottage is sold, I believe… the rest may be rented…[li]

Well, let’s look at the labels and the language.

You get a DEED to a Decommissioned Steamer, so that one the player owns.

You get a Lease to Premises at the Bazaar and a Reservation at the Hotel Bethlehem, so those properties you don’t own. Ditto the Attic Room (rented) and the Spare Bedroom (guest-type situation).

You get a key to a Brass Embassy GUEST Room, so that you don’t own either (which is no surprise considering the nature of devils).

All of the other Lodgings give you keys. The flavor text associated with the Half-Abandoned Mansion indicates that you need leave from Mr. Iron to live there, so that’s not an &quotownership situation&quot for the player either. Similarly, you probably don’t &quotown&quot rooms in a Smoky Flophouse Dormitory.

However, the nature of your interest in the remaining Lodgings are, I think, intentionally ambiguous; they could be viewed as properties you own or long-term lease arrangements like the Premises at the Bazaar.

Apologies in advance for any errors in this post or any text references I may have forgotten about.
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Given that you can turn it into a salon or orphanage, I’d assume we own the Handsome Townhouse.

Not necessarily. After all, modern stores are often on property that is leased. Sometimes a landlord will even &quotbuild to suit&quot, knowing he can rebuild the property into something else later after the lease expires.

Can we assume the five-card lodgings are owned?

The Spire-Emporium is explicitly rented.

It is? I barely remember, been so long since I got mine. Just remember it being described as “something lengthy”.

Early leases were, I believe, longer than current ones. In present-day London, 150 years has become more common (up from 100 in the 1980s). The oldest lease I ever had was originally for 999 years.

Actually the one that’s been bugging me is not the lodgings but the ships. How can it be more practical to buy your own ship than to travel as a passenger on someone else’s? Has there ever been a time and place when that was true, at least since dugout canoe days?

When you want to go somewhere that sane, normal captains won’t dare go at any price, you might have to build and captain your own vessel.

Like anywhere near a Prince of Hell.

Or worse.

(Also, you can take a tramp steamer to Polythreme or to Apis Meet as needed. It’s only the more remote and hazardous locations – Hunter’s Keep, the scientific research islands, the Iron Republic – and, for some reason, Port Carnelian that require your own ship.)
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With your own ship you can decide where to go. If you take the steamer you have to wait through all the other stops, and that’s just to get to the most popular places.

[quote=Jeremy Avalon]-- and, for some reason, Port Carnelian that require your own ship.)
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Well, really. What kind of Governor are you if you slouch in on a tramp steamer? Not exactly showing your best foot forward for the old empire, eh?