Removing Scandal?

Is there a way to lower and remove scandal? I read something about being able to go to your lodgings and laugh, but that option doesn’t seem to have appeared for me yet. Is there anything else I can do?

Build your Church and Hell connections to 5 and when you draw their faction conflict card, siding with the Church removes 3 CP of Scandal. Much like the Tomb-Colonists you can meet churchmen and devils in The Big Top at the Carnival, and once you start siding with the Church you only have to go back to meet the devils. (Siding with Hell is only a Shadowy 20 challenge though, so maybe that’s a better option?)

If you get Connected: The Great Game 5 you’ll also be able to draw the Church/Great Game faction conflict card, which has no challenges and gives you one each of the second chances whenever you side with the Church. As long as you bounce back and forth between the sides, keeping them both at 5 or higher, you’ll only need that card to build both connections.

Another option would be to ask someone at your lodgings to lay rumours at rest for you.

The third option (which I think is the one you read about) unlocks when Scandal is 3 or above, which is Attend a Church Service. It’s a luck-based action weighted in your favor; success removes 2 Change points of Scandal and gives a little Connected: Church. It’s not a very efficient way of doing either, but it can work in a pinch if you’re not in the mood to wait for opportunity cards or Social Actions.

The one the OP read about is probably the old Making Waves use. If you had enough you could use some of it up to eradicate your Scandal.

Yup, the retired option is at the wiki.