Remote Lodgings

I was diving on the wiki, as one does, and I discovered Remote Lodgings. If you move away from them, you lose them, correct? But while you have them you don’t get any City Vices cards.

are there any other pros/cons, aside from only being able to hold 3 cards?

Well, if you move away from one, you don’t lose it, you just have to move back there again to stop getting City Vices cards.

The only other drawback is that moving to such lodgings costs 5 actions instead of the normal 1 action.

Despite having all three of the remote lodgings, I’ve never lived in them. I believe that each one gives a very slight reduction in either Suspicion, Scandal or Nightmares, though. From what I understand it’s a trivial amount for POSIs, but worth mentioning.

and they’re all only attainable at Sacksmas, and you buy them with Taste of Lacre points.

that is exactly what i wanted to know, thank you!