Releasing Bats

Okay, I have several Sulky Bats, and I’ve been lucky when I get the Parliament of Bats and I release one to the cloud. I’ve managed to get two Bats with an Attitude.[li]

However, this was months ago. It’s been nearly half a year or more and while I’ve gotten the card several times, I’ve never been lucky enough to get another Attituded bat, and I’m wondering if two is the cap for getting them. I’m hoping that someone who has actually written the code for it can answer this.

I have three of the wretched things so I think you’ve just been quite unlucky.

Or lucky. I’m not entirely sure what they’re good for other than anachronistically evoking the 90s.

Blame RNG. I have 7~8, and that’s only main. Now I just sold all bats because sharing academic knowledge became harmful and for G.Game gain Wry Functionary is better.

I have played this game for more than two years, used this card every time it came up and never got one. Apparently, I find myself in the company of exceptionally lucky ladies and gentlemen. And probably lucky squid-things as well.