Release Schedule for Old Exceptional Stories

In the official FAQ, it is stated the older Exceptional Stories will be released to be payed for with Fate after approximately three months. As of right now, Cut With Moonlight, the September story, and Discernment, the October story, have yet to be released for purchase and it’s been past three months for both. With Flint being a two part story and the whole Heart’s Blood season coming out, I can understand the release schedule being wonky, but I missed those stories when they first came out and would like to play them. Does anyone have any idea when, if at all, those stories will be released in February?
edited by loredeluxe on 2/1/2016

They tend to be releaaed one a month in the order they were written, 3(?) Months after Exceptional Friends first get access. Cut with moonlight should come this month.

I thought it would come out today on the 1st of February. Could it be later this month?

It’s impossible to tell. The Last Dog Society became available for purchase only in late December, which was slightly behind schedule already. No story has been released since then. Nothing to do but wait and see…