Regretful Soldier question

[li]Having played through the House of Chimes storylets involving the Regretful Soldier, I have just drawn the &quotlast&quot opportunity card.

In my earlier days I dabbled in the soul trade; hence the latter two of the three options of nice, nasty and neutral are now available to me.

My question: if I choose the nasty option, is the storyline closed off forever? Or is it possible to make the nasty choice now, then restart the soul trade on the other side, draw the Regretful Soldier again and choose the nice option for him later?

Similarly, does the neutral (walk away) option close off the story?

Information appreciated! Feel free to PM me if too spoilery.

A B Nile

This is something of an odd case - if memory serves (and it’s been quite some time!), there’s a final card after completing this story, in which there is one option among many that offers a chance (and only a chance) of letting you begin the story over again. So… well, if you want to play it safe, assume you won’t be able to start over, and choose a path you can stick with. Mechanically, nice, nasty and neutral are all much the same, but there may be minor story consequences if you haven’t yet completed the Bishop’s Fate-locked story from the Labyrinth.

Thanks. No, I haven’t done the story you refer to yet. Decisions…

I don’t remember a chance to revisit that story at all but again it’s been quite some time for me also.

That isn’t quite correct. The final card gives you several options, which give different things and some of them are luck checks. However, you’ll notice playing it erases the storyline’s quality… meaning you can start again when you first started.

Excellent news!

The final card certainly didn’t erase my story quality - I can still see it in my profile. It may have changed since I played it, or the option I chose may not have been one that removes it.

Not so excellent news!

Ah well - I shall just have to wait until I receive the card. I will update in due course…