Registering multiple accounts: In Love Again

May I just express how delighted I am with the new option to register with just an email address. At 130 on all stats and running out of new content to explore, I can now launch a new character unconnected to the Book of Faces or the Song of Birds. Oh, is she in for it … she’ll have to get out of New Newgate first … let’s hope the snuffers don’t have at her.

Dear Fallen London: It’s like we both are falling in love again, It’ll be just like starting over.

I have to admit being tempted to do the same. I’m not maxed out on my stats yet, but the thought of starting over with a little more foresight, of correcting the "should have"s from my journey so far, is intriguing.

I’m tempted to do the same, partly to experience some of the low level content that’s been added (Like the new living stories for dangerous and shadowy) and partly for SCIENCE because the four “mysteries” qualities are now raised by a whole bunch of various things, and I wonder if things I can no longer access raise them now.