Regarding the Secondary Stats

30’s stat player here.

It seems that you can’t grind dreaded, respectable and bizarre. You can only get them through (expensive) items.

My question is, how do you increase them? Do they stack in your inventory or do you have to wear them for their effects?

I want to successfully finish the &quotalmost impossible&quot storylets for my Connection pets.

You have to wear them.

Aw… :( Guess I have to work hard for the Overgoat then (well unless he from drops somewhere)

Most large BDR boosts come from post Person of Some Importance items like affiliations and transport, or PoSI only equipment like an Unfinished Hat or Iron Republic Journal that can only be had by going out to Zee.

Before then you can pick up some +1’s, but most of them are fabulously expensive and it doesn’t really make sense to try and buy them yet. You can get up to about +2 fairly cheaply from your pet plus a dignified tailcoat or affluent photographer clothes, but really those storylets are just supposed to be a long shot earlier in the game.