Regaining Notability

I bought a Favourable Circumstances, which dropped my Notability from 9 to 0. Which now means I can’t use Slowcake to change my Making Waves to Notability any more. It’s been so long since I first gained Notability that I have no idea how to get it back again. Can anyone help?

Eventually you’ll draw the card for Slowcake’s Amanuensis, but if you get impatient you can ask for help here.

The usual way, being gifted with it, is currently disabled due to a bug. You’ll have to build up Making Waves, and speak with the amaneusis, when his card finally shows. More BDR means less Making Waves required.

ah, thanks

Favourable Circumstances should only cost 7 Notability. Are you sure you had 9 before?

I did, took me a while to get there too.

Don’t ask though =)
That option is off the menu for the time being. Probably due to the new app.
You’re on your own there, have to wait for the card yourself.
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Too late, already asked! Now I’ll break the game! Bwahahahaha!

Oh, it completely slipped my mind that the option was currently unavailable. Best of luck with the cards then - the card is infrequent, but you should get it eventually.

yeah, I’ve had it dozens of times over the months since I first got any notability, so it’ll come up eventualy again. :)