Regaining academic credentials

After some time at sea, I returned with the appropriate quantity of notes, and got a warm note from the University inviting me to return. But there don’t appear to be any new actions or storylets at the University location. Have I applied for entry too early in the academic year, or did I misread the examination rubric and turned up in my gown to the wrong hall?

Nope, I think you did things right. I think there’s just no new content there yet.

Just wanting to have this reaffirmed: is there no other content for re-admitted players at the University right now than “The Committee on Semiotic Safety” and “A colleague with a problem” or is there something wrong?

There’s no other content yet.

There’s also the option university access unlocks (or more specifically, being unwelcome from the university re-locks) for your Memories of Distant Shores. But that’s it.

I noticed that two university actions have reappeared: “The Committee on Semiotic Safety” and “A colleague with a problem”. I’m not sure if they reappeared when I boosted up my connections to Benthic and Summerset, or if that is unrelated. Also the “Fragrant Scholar” opportunity card has shown up at that location for me.

Any news on this front? I only just returned to the University, and apart from aiding a colleague and speaking on matters of my expertise, all has been quiet. I haven’t really been looking at cards yet, though.