Refined Negative Partisanship Poll [See Explainer]

I realized there was a much better and more informative way to conduct a negative partisanship poll. While my original poll would give us a rough idea of each candidate’s detractors, it wouldn’t tell us which candidate those detractors were supporting and hence what the electorate looked like. This new poll rectifies that shortcoming.


First, find the candidate you are supporting. Then find (the candidate) you most want to see defeated.

IF the directions were the other way around i.e find the one you most want to see defeated first, I would vote. As it stands this poll doesn’t do what I need - I know who I want to lose but need to know more about the other two candidates before I make my final decision.

I’m fairly certain that’s what &quotUndecided ( <Candidate> )&quot is for?
edited by Neonir on 6/21/2016

Of course it is - I now feel dumber than usual. Thank you.

The Bishop seems the most controversial candidate so far. But then, he’s also a main character. Since we already know what he stands for, its easy to make up our minds about him before we even hear his mayoral platform. Jenny and the Contrarian on the other hand have been supporting characters up to this point, so there’s a bit of mystery about them. We know about some of their associations, their skills and their public personas (both are, in a sense, celebrities), but that’s about it.

We’ve yet to really hear from the undecideds.

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