Reducing revolutionary connections

I am about to leave to Winking Isle and so I must get rid of most of my wealth, I bought the premises at the bazaar back with the money I got from selling my Breath’s Void but I would also like to invest my Master’s Blood into a Spire Emporium, I have lots of BDR so notability isn’t a problem, but I have way too high connections with the revolutionaries, thanks to last year’s Hallowmas, so I need to find a way of getting rid of it, I don’t care if it’s lucrative, I have been drawing cards in the Flit to exchange favors but had yet no luck whatsoever, maybe there’s some storylet I’ve forgotten where I can spend it all not so slowly.

The card about plotting against the masters lets you turn them in to the constables for like 30 ragged clothes plus the loss of all revolutionaries connections.

Aside from that, up-converting luminosity items costs you Revolutionaries CP.

That would be perfect, but this card is an one time opportunity, isn’t it? I helped them back on the day.

Their card and change profession to Campaigner or Enforcer or train Dangerous, convert Luminosity as Aegis mentioned, Amber in the Well conflict card with the Rubbery, get Turncoat and reduce it at the Feast and, as you mentioned, Flit card.
Good luck!

The fastest way, which is not card dependent, is indeed by raising Turncoat (easily done via the Affair of the Box) and using the Revolutionaries to clean it up. Very efficient, since it costs a lot of Connection points and any action on the AotB carousel can raise Turncoat.

If you have a lot of Connection to get rid of and want to preserve actions, I suppose you can become Closest To the Revolutionaries (if you aren’t already), then break it off to lose all connection with them in one go (requires just one or two card draws).

Great suggestions! I am going to take the turncoat’s way as I don’t want to break off being closest to the Game (also it makes for a very nice roleplay), thank you all!
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Oh, and University Tales 5 has an ending which Wiki claims to clear all of your Connections. Don’t know if that’s true, but I guess you already passed that stage.