reduced frequency for Name cards?

I will keep this vague in an attempt to avoid having my post devoured.

I have been pursuing the Name assiduously of late, at the stage where one must undergo a certain number of unfortunate events.

However, a week or so ago, the frequency of the opportunity cards plunged dramatically. For a while, I was seeing several per day. By the time I finished gathering the needed quantities, it was maybe one per day. Now I have all the things I need, and am waiting for the card to use them (which used to show up all the time), and it’s been a week of flipping cards with no luck.

Is this a bug, or did failbetter recently drastically reduce the probabilities of seeing the Eaten cards?

My guess is that you were really lucky drawing so much SMEN cards. When I was at the same stage as you, it took me several months to flip the cards I needed. :) So… now, you probably are flipping just tje normal amount.
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I had this same problem; no Eaten cards for almost a week. Since yesterday morning though I’ve drawn three. Vaugaries of the RNG or FB adjustment, I can’t tell - but hang in there either way. Besides, you’ll need the time to earn the cost.

Edit: Although, I am in the most recently added stage. All the stages involve unfortunate events, unfortunately, so I can’t say if we are on the same part. I know the previous stage took a long time to get all the cards; a very long time.
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Hah! well, the card just appeared, and I have reached what I thought was the end of the available content for now. Although, I have noticed people posting on the forum about a social action involving the Name, which I haven’t encountered - I assume that’s a still-later step that was added within the last couple of weeks?

Yes, that is a new development in the quest. You’ll need to recruit non-seekers into the quest in order to progress. Be sure to build up Searing Enigmas.

Is the new development in the search for the Name restricted to those who succeeded at “marsh-mired in dreams of sustenance?” Because I failed that : /

Where does one acquire searing enigmas? I got a few from the Affair of the Box, but that was a one-off. Are there any options besides the fidgeting writer or hoping for a rare success when converting broken giant into cellars of wine?

Do not worry, success is not necessary. I’ve heard that they can be acquired through the new heist, but that is also a rare success. I believe Mourning Candles also yield Searing Enigmas now. As a rare success, I mean.
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Personally, I prefer Hunter’s Keep for Searing Enigmas. It’s a rare success, but the money’s good even with only normal successes and I don’t find it anywhere near as frustrating as the Fidgeting Writer storyline.

It does have the significant disadvantage of clearing your opportunity deck and cutting off access to it, so you’ll want to take a trip to stock up and then head home to flip cards.

Like Tesuji said, you can use the Fidgeting Writer storyline (with Tales of terror) to grind Searing Enigmas.

the mourning candle -> patent scrutinizer conversion has a chance of rare success for enigma, yes. you can also sell the scrutinizers to get mad cash! which will be useful!

i have such terrible woefully bad luck with the fidgeting writer and i used up all 50-something of my brilliant souls so welp

What kind of volume of Enigmas should I be looking to acquire? 5? 10? 15? more?

Seven is the Number.
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In my heart, I knew it must be so.