Reduce Suspicion--Ablution Absolution not working

Hi, everyone.

So, I’ve been avoiding jail using Ablution Absolution for sometime, until I failed in a heist and got imprisoned again, However, my criminal record only went up to 4, and under my stats it still lists me as &quotA Familiar Face.&quot

But despite this, Ablution Absolution seems to be locked out, even though when you hover over the greyed out option it says &quotA Familiar Face&quot, which I have! Is this a mistake or just a bad wording problem? Can I never use Ablution Absolution again now?

And, on that matter, does anyone know any other reliable ways to reduce suspicion without having to wait for opportunity cards?


I’m not sure what’s up with being locked out of ablution solution. I’ve been to jail before, and with &quotFamiliar Face,&quot it still works. How many times have you gone to jail before? Since the implementation of the criminal record, I mean.

As for getting rid of scandal, best way to do it is with social actions. If you do the math right, a mutual exchange will give you and the recipient less suspicion than when you started. There is also one article of clothing that will reduce suspicion–the sober dress. It’ll reduce suspicion by one, which makes it a useful stopgap if you suddenly find yourself with 8.
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It could be unlocked for 1-3 only, but the name for the quality levels should get a minor tweak so as to clear up on the matter if this is the case.

The social action, Find a way to throw the Constables off the scent would probably be your best bet for a storylet action. Otherwise, you can check out the wiki page for suspicion cures. It’s had a minor update, so there’s less prison-only actions muddled in there, at least.

I can’t quite remember how many times I’ve been in prison. At least 3 times, but if my record is 4 does that mean 4 times? Or do you start with 1 because of the introduction storylet?

Thanks anyway, guys. I’ll try the ‘Find a way to throw the Constables off the scent’ though I do need someone else for that… Guess I’ll try out some contacts :-)

If you need help finding people for social actions, you can either go to the thread for social actions, or you can pop into the IRC here to ask: (Mibbit IRC client widget)