Red Iron Nights

It looks like FBG may have drawn a little inspiration from Glen Cook. Incidentally, the Garrett, P.I. stories are quite good. Fantasy noir? Could be. But no sex with vampires or weres.

– Mal
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My inner pedant suggests you meant Glen, given the mention of &quotGarrett, P.I.&quot! I’ve only read one of those (enjoyed it, have three on the shelf), but I’ve read the whole Black Company set and have some serious luurrrrve for them.

And, you know, sex with vampires and/or weres is rather overrated. I mean, I’ve heard.

From a friend.
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[quote=the truthseeker]
(Snow Belie) The Weres are an Animal in the Sack while Vamps are just a Pain in the Neck!
(The Pun Police make her flee)[/quote]

I can deal with a little pain in the neck so long as I can have a bloody good time.

… Wait, what are we talking about again?

@Saevitia: Thanks for the catch. I will correct it. Glen is one of the few writers I can never find much fault with, and I’ve read just about everything he’s written. The only exception would be The Tower of Fear, which I couldn’t even get through. I can’t answer for his porno novel, though.

– Mal
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[quote=malthaussen]@Saevitia: I can’t answer for his porno novel, though.

– Mal
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His what now? I did not know he wrote one!

… And just like that, I’m considering a fanfic search for Lady/Soulcatcher except I know that then I’d have to search for something like Croaker/(anybody) just for the sake of balance and I’m not sure my brain can handle knowing instead of merely suspecting.

@Saevitia: Glen’s first publication was a porno novel called Swap Academy, published back in 1970 (written under the pseudonym Greg Stevens). Ah, those were the days… as for fanfic, I don’t know about Lady, but I used Soulcatcher in my Sims 2 neighborhood.

– Mal

You may be on to something, since The Black Company is the biggest influence on Erikson’s Malazan series, and I’ve always detected a lot of Malazan undercurrents in FL. Though I have no idea whether this is not just down to me discovering Erikson and FL at roughly the same time.

… and there’s always the chance it might be too good. I’ve abstained fanfic ever since accidentally reading the porno version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Afterwards I didn’t bother reading the genuine novel because it’s got to be disappointing in comparison! :blush:

@Phryne: One of Cook’s Garrett stories is about a knife imbued with a curse that turns the possessor into a maniacal murderer. Unlike Jack’s knives, though, the knife in Cook’s story is not so easy to discard.
@Truthseeker: that’s a new one on me. I wonder how many pulp-tradition authors have written more-or-less pornographic stories? Whatever pays, after all.

– Mal
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