Recovery from accidental soul-peddling

I was trying to burn through some quick FL actions on my phone and and as usual selected the first option on the ‘The Western Tower: a Guest Room at the Brass Embassy’ card, to make a few scrap by finding out about the soulless. As I did it I realized it looked different than normal, but by then it was too late – I’d sold my soul. After more than a year spent in the Neath, after enduring countless annoying cards of devils trying to butter me up, those crafty sons-of-guns finally got what they wanted via-4th-wall breaking trickery and deception. Which seems appropriate enough.

But I want to re-pose the question I’ve seen before: is there presently any way to get one’s soul back, even over time, without spending fate? For a high level (stat-maxed or nearly so) character, in particular? I get the impression that the options may have changed over time, and also that some might be closed to the more advanced? I’m certainly not opposed to fate-spending in general, and have pumped a reasonable amount into the FL economy, but it annoys me on principle to drop cash to recover from this sort of mishap, when I’d been so careful for so long.

On the bright side, does this finally mean that the &quotA Devil’s Taken a Shine to You&quot card will go away forever? Or do I have to lose my soul via AIOD storyline to get those blasted cards to stop cluttering my deck?

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You can get it back through several sources of Bundles of Oddities, but I believe the most probable way is through Fun with the Fisher-Kings in the Flit. It’ll still take persistence, but it’s certainly possible to get it back without Fate.

&quotA Devil’s Taken a Shine to You&quot will leave the deck for now, but will return once you get it back. You can also get rid of it by eradicating your connection to Hell.

edited by Sara Hysaro on 12/13/2014

Oh, looks like in the last 3 hours someone else posted on the same topic. I should have refreshed before creating a new thread. And it sounds like bundles of oddities are still the way to go, at whatever level, and that it’s doable if tedious. Well I’ve suffered through other tedious grinds before, so I expect I can handle this. And I remain pleased that it’s nice how my misfortune fits pretty well thematically.

Hopefully the potential silver lining will bear out, and those admiring devils will finally clear out of my card deck.

Thanks so much Sara, for answering all my questions so accurately and succinctly (and quickly!). Bleh, I don’t want to lose all my Hell connections, since they’re sometimes useful/necessary (and I like them thematically). I just don’t want those specific admiring devils bugging me all the time. At least that Shining Devil will be gone until I get my soul back.

Yeah, lots of people are having this issue at the moment. I’ll need to be careful too - I’m very prone to muscle memory failures when I’m not.

I’m glad I could help you out. :) Enjoy your moment of peace. It’s a shame it isn’t a City Vice card, otherwise you could move into a Remote Lodging and be rid of them.

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Just saying that the Fate-locked soul-recovering storyline is worth playing through at least once, in case you’re unlucky or impatient with the Bundles.

Oh yeah, true, if it were a City Vice that would make for a simpler solution. At least for times when I’m willing to give up the 5 card advantage (:

And Rupho, that’s good to know. If the storyline itself is actually interesting/worthwhile, then perhaps I will explore that after all. Maybe I’ll even find my soul in a bundle (since I’ve already started banging my head against that particular rock), then sell it to an intimate-type devil and get it back via Fate (to get the shine-taking devils to leave me alone permanently, and experience the Fate-locked story).

I just accidentally sold my soul as well. It’s some small consolation that I got a good price for it, but still…I miss my soul.

I was this close to doing the same thing. It probably shouldn’t be the first option in the card.