Recording the cost of Seeking?

I vaguely remember there being an old thread discussing what SMEN had cost us (or more specifically, those who played through it at the time.) At the moment I can’t find that thread again, but would it be useful to have another thread listing the expected costs and requirements?
I’m thinking that if people would like to contribute, I could try to use this thread as a quick-reference or similar, for people who are considering Seeking but don’t yet know what will be lost.

Ideally, the info I’d be looking for is:

  1. Which SMEN level is it for
  2. What are the listed requirements on the action to proceed (both Qualities and Items required)
  3. What was lost (or in the case of bad stuff - gained)
  4. Any other relevant info.

I’m not interested in recording actions which do not progress SMEN, but making a list of those that do.


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&quotDrown your secrets&quot
Requires SMEN level 4,
Items needed: (77*Current SMEN Level) Appalling Secrets, (SMEN Level) Bottles of Greyfields 1879, you can’t do this when you have any Sudden Insights.
You lose all of the materials, and also gain ?CP of nightmares and Unaccountably Peckish. Fairly certain that’s all of it. No idea what the formatting’s meant to be, but here you go.

edit Oh, and it’s a watchful challenge, probably gets harder the higher your SMEN gets like the rest of the options at The Seeking Road.
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“Pervert your studies”
Requires SMEN level 4, Scholar of the Correspondence equal to SMEN level squared
SotC challenge, broad challenge with difficulty of SMEN level squared?
Increases SMEN by one, increases Peckish by two?, increases nightmares and wounds, halves SotC